Inward Remittance

"When ever my customers from abroad send me payment, I want to know right away!"

Simple. Just use UOB Inward Remittance services.

Applicant Requirements
Way to receive the funds
Supporting Documents
Fees and Expenses


When the bank receives funds from an overseas bank be it payment for goods, services, and other expenses,we will convert the funds into Thai Baht (THB) and credit to customer's account. The funds could be received either by Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) and/or Demand Draft.


UOB with its global network could provide these services in a convenient faster and accurate manner.For customers who enjoy our UOB CyberBanking, incoming funds could be checked through the internet.

Applicant Requirement

  • Corporate customer
  • Customer must have saving, current or foreign currency deposit account with UOB
    (in order to see your deposit information via UOB CyberBanking).

Ways to receive the funds

If you want the overseas remitter to remit the funds to you through the UOB, you will need to provide your information to the remitter as follows:

- Beneficiary name
- Beneficiary bank account number and branch.
- Name and address of UOB branch.

United Overseas Bank (Thai) Public Company Limited
191 South Sathorn Rd,
Bangkok 10120, THAILAND


Supporting Documents

It a customer receives funds from overseas in any currency with value USD 50,000 or more, then the customer is required to complete the Foreign Exchange Transaction form for reporting to the Bank of Thailand. The form can be obtained at any UOBT Branch. (Introduction to the completion of the Foreign Exchange Transaction Form) .

Fees and Expenses

  • Subject to arrangement.


Head Office :
Customer Service Tel. 0-2620-5071-74
  Fax. 0-2260-7715, 0-2204-2221, 0-2204-2229

Note : Any services which require credit facility(ies), credit approval must be granted first.