UOB Privilege Banking Savings

To create your wealth with flexibility.
This deposit comes under the coverage of the deposit protection scheme within limits set under the applicable statutes.


  • Enjoy interest rate higher than a regular savings account
  • Access to unlimited withdrawals
  • Earn interest on a monthly basis


  • The depositors will earn interest on a monthly basis.
  • Passbook replacement can be done at any UOBT Branches.
  • The daily maximum withdrawal amount via ATM is up to THB 40,000 for Mon.-Fri. and up to THB 80,000 for Sat.-Sun.
  • The daily maximum withdrawal including UOBT VISA Debit card-spending purchase is up to THB 100,000.
  • Tax exempt for interests earned up to THB 20,000 per year.
  • UOB CyberBanking : a 24 hours/7 days a week Internet based banking service.
  • The account can also be operated through an ATM or UOB VISA Debit card.
  • Access to your money or make deposits at any UOBT branches.
  • Can be used for utility bill payment account.
  • Unlimited withdrawals at any UOBT Branches.


  • The minimum deposit for opening this account is THB 1,000
  • Monthly interest payment

Applicant Qualification

  • Minimum age is 15 years old.
  • UOB Privilege Banking customer only. UOB Privilege Banking customer means personal customer with UOB (Thai) who sign-up for being a UOB Privilege Banking client under the Bank’s criteria.

Supporting document

  • A certified copy of Identification Card (For Thai citizens).


  • THB 100 per month per account if there are no transactions for more than 1 year and the outstanding balance is less than THB 5,000, effective on 25 April 2015 onwards.