How to do Bank transactions

1. Dialing 0-2285-1555
. For English Please press the pound sign (#)
3. Choose the Transaction

Bank Transaction

Transfer Funds between Accounts
Transfer Funds for Credit Card Payment
Transfer Money for UOB Cash Plus Payment
UOB Rewards Plus Redemption
Hold Cheque


Cheque Book Order
Cancel Credit/Debit Card
Change T- Pin
Card Activation

Personal Information Inqury

Balance Inquiry
Loan Inquiry
Statement Inquiry Via Fax
Balance Inquiry For UOB Credit Card or UOB Cash Plus P
Request form by fax machine
UOB Rewards Plus Point Inquiry
Requested UOB Rewards Plus Code or Redemption Form via Fax
Statement Inquiry Via Fax(Debit or Credit Card)


General information / services Inquiry
Rate Inquiry

Bank Interest Rate Inquiry
Exchange Rate Inquiry

Services Inquiry

Bank's Campaign Inquiry
UOB Phone Banking Membership Inquiry


4. Select the next transaction or end your call.

Press 9 Return to the previous menu.
Press # Finish your call.
Press 0 for staff assistance.

  Download The summary of UOB Phone Banking Shortcut Instruction>>

To get the Application Forms you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have the program, please download here