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UOB CyberBanking service, You can make financial transactions by your own easier, such as inquiry account balance, fund transfer within your account or to others person in UOB bank and 9 local bank in Thailand, bill payment, online money order and global fund transfer to your colleague around the world, service 24 hours 7 days by a security standard which you can be assured.

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How to apply service

3 steps to apply UOB CyberBanking service.

  • Download the applications from UOB website (www.uob.co.th) or apply through the UOB branches on nationwide.
  • Fill in the registration application and also, fill in mobile phone number to receive One Time Password (OTP) & sign your signature. (If a joint account type "or" must be signed by the joint account holder also).
  • You send your application with attached (1 copy) of ID card or copy of Passport through the branch of your convenience.

After you get the User ID via email that provided in your application, you will receive a message (SMS) confirmation of registration services and UOB CyberBanking will send the password (PIN) to the address specified on the application within 7 days (only in Thailand).

Hightlight service

With us, you will confident and secure with the security technology that recognized as international standard level. It will include as follows

  • Data encryption technology with Secured Socket Layer (SSL) 128 bits.
  • Networking and computer firewall technology.
  • Especially for all financial transactions, we deliver with security 2 layers  (Two-Factor Authentication technology or 2FA) with another password to use one time only(One Time Password).
What is “One Time Password”?
One Time Password or OTP password is used to increase the level of security for personal information with your online transactions, which OTP 8-digit number that will be used only once per transaction for reduce risk in transactions rather than using a regular password identification only (User ID & Password).
How to get “One Time Password”?
Application for existing customers and new customers available at our branch, you can contact the UOB branches as you convenient for filling a request to change information and services of UOB CyberBanking. With attached copy of ID card or passport copy (for foreigners) only 1 copy for register your mobile phone number. (Only the number that registered in Thailand only) Within 7 days from the date of your submission, you will receive SMS to confirm the registration.

Security tips

We would like to suggest you on the security improvement for UOB CyberBanking.

1. How to increase the security for UOB CyberBanking.
  • The bank has enhanced more security on its technology, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), to reduce risk when you transact online. The system will ask you to fill in One-Time Password (OTP), generated from the system and send to you via SMS when you log in to UOB CyberBanking as a second verification in addition to User ID and Password at http://www.uob.co.th. You can visit any of the UOB branch to register your mobile phone number for receiving OTP via SMS.
  • Regularly change your password to prevent attack from hacker.
  • Do not click at any attached link from incoming email because hacker may attach the URL address of the Phishing site to the unaware user, but  type the URL address instead (http://www.uob.co.th). Verify the URL address of web site before providing your User ID and Password – This is to ensure that you will not provide your identity to any Phishing website.

2. How to protect your computer from viruses

There are recent media reports of viruses (Trojan horse malware) which targets local banks. This malware, SpyEye, steals login credentials such as User ID, passwords and one-time passwords from the user. It can also disable anti-virus protection and take over control of your computer.  So we would like to suggest you to protect your computer from viruses as follows:

  • Do not open attachments or follow web links in unsolicited emails from unknown parties, or suspicious parties
  • Install an anti-virus software, and ensure that it is regularly updated
  • Scan your computer regularly for viruses or malware, or turn on automatic scanning
  • Ensure your computer is regularly patched against security vulnerabilities

3. Guidelines for using UOB CyberBanking

UOB CyberBanking is the banking service on the Internet. Customers can make transaction everywhere and anytime. So we would like to suggest the guidelines for using UOB CyberBanking as follows:

  • You should verify the last visiting date after successfully logon to UOB CyberBanking
  • You should not leave their computer unattended while the UOB CyberBanking is logged in.
  • You should log off the UOB CyberBanking once your transaction is finished.
  • After every session, please sign off from the UOB CyberBanking. Click the Sign Off button from the top-right menu. After signing off, you may click sign on again to come back to UOB CyberBanking or click http://www.uob.co.th to go to UOBT’s homepage.
  • You should check the accuracy of transactions every time when  you make transaction via UOB CyberBanking
  • You should remove the temporary Internet files of websites you visit
  • Follow these steps: (For IE 6.0 and higher)
  • Select "Tools" from the Menu Bar.
  • Select "Internet Options".
  • Select "General" tab.
  • Click the "Delete Files" button under Temporary Internet files.
  • Click "OK" to exit the dialogue box.
  • Do not disclose  your User ID, password and one-time password for access to UOB CyberBanking to other person
  • You should avoid using other person's computer or public-access computers for logging in to the UOB CyberBanking
  • You should avoid visiting unknown websites and do not open unknown or suspicious attachments
  • Always read your SMS notifications carefully, and do not enter any OTP (one-time passwords) for transactions that  you did not initiate or request
  • Please notify the Bank immediately at UOB Call center T.0-2285-1555 if  you have any problems with this service

Contact us
For more information, please contact UOB Call center T. 0-2285-1555 or contact via e-mail, UOBCyberBanking@uob.co.th