CRM Loyalty Program – ChocoCRM

Choco CRM is an innovative platform to empower big data. Accurate and targeted marketing focus on target customers by building a regular customer base, storefront, store member, and coupons. So Choco CRM is a provider of end-to-end, all-round customer management, sales and marketing solutions, including: CRM Platform is an innovative solution that collects big data to promote accurate, targeted marketing strategies.
CDP (Customer Data Platform) & Brand CRM are solutions designed for data analytics and excellent digital marketing tools. Media & Communication services for acquiring and retaining increasing numbers of customers, as well as managing customer data with incomparable efficiency.

“We Make Loyalty Happen”

"CRM create a good relationship with your customers by using CRM, and turn occasional customers into loyal ones with the Choco Loyalty Program”

This tool will allow you to manage customer data easily through LINE OA, store customer information through membership cards and phone numbers, as well as efficiently manage your store operations

Key Benefits of ChocoCRM

Help boost sales with complete member management functions with CRM platform real time
Building a regular customer base By using marketing tools such as point accumulation, store sales packages, sales coupons, store management systems (POS), point redemption management systems

Giving you superiority over competitors in creating promotional campaigns that meet the needs of customers. With communication channels accessible via SMS, E-Mail and LINE OA

Collect and analyze customer databases such as birthdays, ages, spending behaviors. Know your business's customers better than anyone else.

UOB SME exclusive discount

15% discount exclusively for new customers.
Promotion ONLY applies for ChocoPOS, ChocoCRM, and ChocoCDP.
Notes: 7% VAT are excluded.