Payment Gateway - GB Prime Pay

GB Prime Pay is total solution for E-payment. We provide all channels of E-payment service to merchants. GB Prime pay support merchant to be able to accept VISA MASTER JCB AMEX and also provide installment plan. Furthermore, we provide QR CASH, QR CREDIT, BILL PAYMENT, mobile banking, WECHATPAY, and other e-wallets too. The way to use GB PRIME PAY is very easy and useful. We provide API and Plug in to integrate with merchant’s website and app. For social commerce, we have GB LINK PAYMENT that merchant can create link and share to their customers in social media or sms. Merchant can check transactions real time and also payer will get receipt email alert from GB. Merchant also can customize report and link payment to make it to be suitable with your business. GB Prime pay security system is guaranteed by PCI DSS level 1 which is highest security in global standard.

Digital Payment for The NEXT Normal

New normal with cashless society, every merchant can provide new and safe experience for your customers by using GB PRIME PAY. We can support you to provide Credit card online payment and QR cash &QR Credit card. It will help you to be easier to receive money from your customer and also easy to manage your accounting. For another side your customer will enjoy shopping and get new and safe experience. It also can encourage your selling with installment plan that make your customer to make decision easier.

Key Benefits of GB Prime Pay

TOTAL SOLUTION FOR E-PAYMENT GB PRIME PAY can provide all E-payment channels which include Credit card, QR, BILL Mobile Banking, wechatpay E-wallet

GB LINK PAYMENT AND APIEasy Api to integrate with website

Useful GB Link Payment that can share to social media

Realtime report and alert every transaction

Merchants will see report and transaction real time and payer also get notification by email

Backoffice can be modify Report and link payment can be modified by user to make it to be suitable with your business

UOB SME exclusive discount

  • Special Credit Card Fee for UOB SME Customer 2.8%