Streamline and automate your HR processes with HReasily

HReasily is a cloud-based solution that simplifies your payroll, leave and attendance processes. With facial recognition software and GPS tracking, the solution helps you to track employees’ time and attendance even when they are working from home.

Key Benefits of HReasily

Stay connected
Get updates on the go with employee database located on a cloud server.

Seamless integration
Data of your employees’ attendance and activities are easily tracked with seamless integration to your software and hardware.

Multi-market coverage
Available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines and Hong Kong.

Increased engagement
Employees and employers can easily access their information via mobile app or web.

Self-service platform
Apply and approve leaves, claims, receive payslips, and clock in and out anytime, anywhere.

Simplified processes
Automate your HR process with streamlined and digitalised system and cloud platform.