Accounting - PEAK

PEAK is an online accounting program that helps SMEs to manage accounting, tax and finance automatically. PEAK uses the most advanced AI, API, OCR technology to facilitate revenue/expense recording while summarizing income, expenses, profit, cash flow, best-selling products, major clients data in real time in order to help SMEs to have a solid financial performance and enable them to access financial credit more easily.

Improve your business management with PEAK

Running the business is chaotic. PEAK can help you to manage the system. By providing tools for summarizing business information, PEAK enable you to have more time to focus on your business. PEAK is not just an accounting platform, we are your partner on the path to your success.

Key Benefits of PEAK

Create a professional document in 1 minute!

Create business documents such as quotations, invoices, receipts, tax invoices via easy access LINE application or web browser.

Easy record expense while collect receipt photos via LINE application

Just take a receipt photo and send to LINE, PEAK will use OCR technology to read image and our AI will suggest accounting record.

PEAK Payroll

help prepare payroll easily while book salary record base on department/position and be able to see salary-payment dashboard

All steps that makes your business be more professional!

  • Create business documents: including quotation, invoice, receipt and withholding (customize forms and run document numbers automatically)
  • Monitor Business Performance:Automatically record income and expenses, empower you to track profit /loss and financial statements in real-time
  • Track stock movement: generate stock movement report, cost of sales report, and keep on track your business performance.
  • Help access to financial credit: with accounting information, your business will be able to access credit or loan easier.
  • World-class data security: your data will automatically backup every 5 minutes by Microsoft Azure server.

All in Accounting

    Plus: Ease tax filling, auto closing financial statement and prepare XBRL files to submit government agency

  • Prepare PP30, PND2, PND3, PND53 forms and reports.
  • Create RD e-filing ready text files
  • Create DBD certified format of financial reports.

PEAK Board is designed to utilize accounting data

For management purposes. Be able to view revenue/expense/profit by projects/division/branch or any dimensions. Utilizing data to make business decisions, give you the advantage above your competitors

View business insight anytime via LINE: @peakconnect

Be able to know key information such as revenue, expense, cash balance, etc. And got weekly executive reports via email.