CRM solution – Venio CRM

Venio CRM delivers a complete sales solution which encompasses every aspect of sales management. From automated lead collection and management, deal stage and pipeline management, to sales management, it is now possible to efficiently identify potential prospects from acquired leads and charge at closing high probability deals. Maximize your sales potential, add more traffic to your sales pipeline, and go beyond your sales expectations with Venio CRM.

Venio CRM - Connecting your customers

Venio is a mobile-first CRM platform with sales assistant, which will help you to manage your sales team and customer relationship. Venio was designed to align with customer journey from leads collection, customer visits, deals and handling customer issues.

Key Benefits of Venio CRM

Convert leads to customer with lead management that helps from lead collection to lead following up.

With Venio, every scheduled customer appointment will be shown on a calendar. While your salesperson can check-in at customer site.

Manage all your deals through a clear and concise pipeline. Oversee every deal stage and keep your pipeline flowing.

All sales related info, from sales targets to progress, is shown on informative and insightful dashboards.

Solve all customer inquiries using case management. Swiftly responding to your customer needs and establish customer relationship.

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