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Create a website and sell whatever you want. Zaviago can manage your product and information, make an appointment, booking, and more, no matter how difficult it is. Create your own design or from one of 400+ premium templates.

Platform to manage various digital businesses for you

Everything you need to sell things online is right here in the Online Store Management System! such as checking product stock, sales, and real-time reports, as well as an auto-print address on your package or call

Key Benefits of Zaviago

Connect all of Zaviago's functions and services under a single platform to provide the best user experiences.

The package fee is according to the size and type of business. The function and modules can be added to the package as required.

Website design and maintenance by a team of experts with qualified experienced

An easy-to-use and real-time store management system that facilitates your organization to make critical decisions more quickly and precisely than ever before.

Unify all core functions in an end-to-end business suit that truly provides next-generation processes that integrate and coordinate your entire business, while leveraging real-time data flow.

End-to-end PM and Business software. No more difficult-to-use to use ERP systems as we build for adaptability to transform for all business types.

UOB SME exclusive discount

Exclusive Promotion For UOB SMEs

Get Store management systems, worth 50,000 baht from Zaviago platform. Apply subscription for Zaviago platform yearly package at 9,000 baht per year.

-Zaviago Platform Service details

Report on your entire business, including sales, inventory management, and orders.
Limited to 5,000 products and 2 users
And sync for multiple 3rd party integration eg. logistics automations(API) and GB Primepay payment gateway.

Exclusive promotion for UOB SMEs customers. Get 3 months free of LINE CRM Zaviago Platform systems, worth 15,000 Baht.(Exclusive LINE CRM promotion is valid until 31 December, 2023)

- LINE CRM Service details

Limited to 50 products and 20 orders per month.

- Zaviago ERP Service details

จัZaviago ERP software allows to boost your multi-channel business from E-Commerce, Accounting, CRM, and offline stores

Exclusive promotion for UOB SMEs customers. at 2,900 Baht/month/user for Starter Package.

Limited 5 modules and 10 users for Starter package

(Exclusive promotion is valid from today until 31 December, 2023)