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No more confusion and the need to check 20-30 emails or make phone calls to track each shipment. Switch to ZUPPORTS' online service that will make import-export a breeze. Starting from comparing international shipping prices, booking shipments via various modes of logistics such as ships, trucks, airplanes, to tracking important documents with summarized reports. This helps businesses have a complete overview of the import-export process, end-to-end, and saves logistics costs by 3-10%.

Make global shipping as easy as shopping online.

Let ZUPPORTS assist you in maximizing your business. Choose ZUPPORTS for international logistics services, analyze data, and make informed decisions regarding shipments.

Key Benefits of ZUPPORTS

Freight Rate Management
A management system that allows you to compare freight rates or quotes, book shipments, track progress, and access cost analysis reports through the ZUPPORTS web application.

Purchase Order Management
A platform that assists buyers and sellers in tracking shipment schedules and documents, along with an automated notification system to ensure no important data is missed.

Expands logistics options for importers and exporters through a network of over 40 partner international logistics service providers, such as LEO Global Logistics, SCGJWD, and Kuehne+Nagel, among others.

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