• Be confident and secured with our security technology that recognized as international standard level.

    Access your account information and initiate financial transaction by User ID and Password authentication.

    Especially for all financial transactions, we deliver with security
    2 layers  (Two-Factor Authentication technology or 2FA) with another password to use one time only(One Time Password).

    Control the accessibility of user to selected account(s) and function(s).
    Data encryption technology with Secured Socket Layer (SSL)
    128 bits.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

UOB is pleased to provide you with greater convenience and peace of mind with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). We know that security is important to you when you bank online. 2FA gives you an additional level of UOB BIB security by verifying your identity.

It requires you to provide a unique One-Time Password (OTP) in addition to your current Username and Password upon Login process and Authorization process.   You may obtain the OTP from a security device called a Token.


How to use Token?

3 easy steps:

When prompted for the On-Time Password (OTP)

  • Ensure that the Token's LCD screen is facing you and the button is on your left-hand side.
  • Press the button once for the Token to display the OTP.
  • Enter the displayed OTP into the requested field on the UOB Business Internet Banking web page using your computer keyboard.

The Token will power off after a short interval automatically. To generate a new code, simply press the button again. You will need to obtain a new OTP for each login or to perform selected transactions.