Mobile Payment Service with mCollect

mCollect is the mobile application to collect funds into UOB account. It is the business solution for SME to Corporate segment company to handle large quantity of invoices at a time. The company needs to “collect money on delivery” at the partner site using a digital invoice presentment via mCollect. In addition, mCollect also provides the business solution which enhances from UOB BizSmart or integrated to the company's ERP system to develop business management system to be more efficient.

Key Features

  • Available for iOS and Android with Thai language support.
  • Collect payments through PromptPay QR, Fund Transfer, Cash, and Cheque (credit to company account on clearing date) Payment Method in THB currency.
  • Select options to collect full or partial amount of money from their payers.
  • Receive Invoice Alert Report before due date via E-mail.
  • View stock and Invoices Summary by all types of payment and by specified date on mCollect application.


  • Invoice presentment is digitized : Reduce paper while containing all the invoice details and minimize risk of misplacing paper invoices, mishandling cash and cheque payments.
  • Expedite Collection : Easy steps to collect funds, notify immediately, avoid mishandling cash.
  • Reconciliation is seamless: Collection report with payment status at invoice level is provided and bank statement with unique payment reference is shown to facilitate auto-reconciliation

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