UOB brings a 17-century-old tradition into 2013
with its laser-cut lunar new year red packets

An art form practised in China since the sixth century A.D is the inspiration for the design of United Overseas Bank (UOB)’s 2013 red packets.

Jianzhi, the art of Chinese paper cutting, was officially listed in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2009. Chinese paper cutting is steeped in tradition and each cut made by the master craftsman is done with a steady hand and an eye for detail.

Ms. Busba Virochpoka, Executive Director, Brand Performance & Corporate Communications of United Overseas Bank (Thai) PCL., said “UOB hopes to bring traditions of the past into designs of the present by using Chinese paper cuttings as the centerpiece of its red packets. When our customers give or receive the packets, they will not only see but feel the delicate details of the season’s wishes for abundance and wealth.”

UOB’s 2013 red packet design includes traditional and auspicious Lunar New Year elements such as the carp which stands for abundance and flower blossoms which symbolise wealth for the new year.



February 1, 2013
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