UOB to Raise Thai Artists’ Profile to the ASEAN Arena
through its 4th UOB Painting of the Year 2013 Competition

United Overseas Bank (Thai) PCL launches its fourth “UOB Painting of the Year” competition to support Thai artists in gaining regional recognition. Applications are open from 1-25 October 2013 with total prizes of more than THB 2 million. Winners will have their work displayed at the National Gallery Bangkok and submitted for regional entry in Singapore.

Mr. Peter Foo Moo Tan, President & CEO, United Overseas Bank (Thai), stated that this year, UOB (Thai) will be holding the 4th UOB Painting of the Year competition with the goals to support and encourage Thai artists in both the youth group and the general public who have interest and passion in the arts to showcase their talent at a regional level. As part of a continuous effort in its social programme, UOB has been supporting the youth, the arts and education to become sustainable in the long term and to thrive together with UOB.

The 4th UOB Painting of the Year competition is a special year that differs from its previous ones. The competition entails 2 categories as follows:

First category- Established Artist
Contestants in this group shall have at least one of the following qualifications:

  • The contestant is represented by an art institution
  • Is able to have an exhibit and commission at any location/venue
  • Has produced art/artwork
  • Has had a catalogue of his/her work

Second category – Emerging Artist

  • Qualification for contestants in this group is open for everyone, with no rules or restrictions.

The prizes for the two categories of awards are as follows:

Established Artist Category
UOB Painting of the Year Award THB 750,000
Gold Award THB 300,000
Silver Award THB 240,000
Bronze Award THB 150,000
UOB Southeast Asian Painting of the Year Award USD 10,000 This prize will be given to the most outstanding artist who will be one of the four regional finalists from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

Emerging Artist Category
Most Promising Artist of the Year Award
THB 90,000
Gold Award THB 75,000
Silver Award THB 45,000
Bronze Award THB 30,000

Mr. Foo also added that UOB Singapore has been supporting the arts since 1970 and established the Painting of the Year Competition for more than 30 years, since 1982. In the past year, more than 200 interested Thai contestants had submitted their artwork.

The first prize winner in the Established Artist category from each country will be submitted to win the UOB Painting of the Year competition. Each national winner will be entitled to win the Southeast Asian Painting of the Year Award. One of the four UOB Painting of the Year Award country winners will then be selected for a residency programme at the prestigious Fukuoka Asian Art Museum.

Interested applicants can submit their artwork to the 4th UOB Painting of the Year 2013 at the National Gallery, Chao Fah Road (across Sanam Luang) from 1–25 October 2013 with total prizes of more than THB 2million. For more information, please contact UOB (Thai), Brand Performance and Corporate Communications, at 0-2343-4965, 0-2343-4913, 0-2343-4973 and 0-2343-4976.

September 20, 2013
For More information, please contact
Brand Performance & Corporate Communications,
United Overseas Bank (Thai) Pcl.
Boonyaporn Vongbuikaw Tel. 0-2343-4965
or Phudhid Wongpadklang Tel. 0-2343-4913