Easily accessible savings account with bonus interest rate. STASH with UOB.

2-Step Bonus promotion when you save with UOB STASH
Step 1 Get bonus interest
With total interest up to 1.35% p.a.

Step 2 Get Starbucks e-Coupon value 500 Baht
Open an account with initial deposit of 50,000 Baht and increase monthly average balance for the next 3 consecutive months.
  • Customer shall open an account within 28 February 2020.
  • Monthly Average Balance (MAB) of the current month is more than the previous month for 3 consecutive months, counting from the month after the account opening month (each month’s minimum MAB is 50,000 Baht).
  • The Bank will send Starbucks e-Coupon via SMS to customer’s mobile number registered with the Bank within 15 days after the last day of the 4th month.
  • Estimated effective interest rate for 12-month account deposit of 50,000 Baht is 1.00% (p.a.) for e-Coupon valued 500 Baht.
  • Get bonus interest rate when current monthly average balance is more than or equal to monthly average balance of the previous month.
  • If current monthly average balance is less than monthly average balance of the previous month, customer gets only the normal interest rate for the whole deposit amount of the current month.
  • Terms and conditions are as specified by the Bank.
  • A tax exemption shall be in accordance with the regulations of the Revenue Department.
  • The deposits are under the protection of the laws regarding the Deposit Protection Agency as per the amount and conditions stipulated therein.