We are aware that there have been phishing attempts made recently.

Please be reminded that we would never send unsolicited SMS or emails or post messages on social media asking you to click on a link to enter your personal or bank account details into a website. Such information is confidential and should not be shared with anyone.

Should you notice or receive an unsolicited message, email or SMS which appears to be from UOB Thailand, if you are in doubt or if you have inadvertently disclosed your personal or bank account information, please call us immediately at 0 2285 1555 so that we can take the necessary actions to help you.

Please do not click on any link provided as this is how your account can be phished.

While we have various measures to keep our customer data secure, you should also stay vigilant. Fraudsters are successful when they are able to prey on unsuspecting victims who respond without performing due checks.