Welcome Bonus for New Sign up UOB Wealth Banking

  1. Customer of United Overseas Bank (Thai) Public Company Limited (“the Bank”) applying for UOB Wealth Banking from 1 April 2024 – 30 June 2024 must meet the following conditions set forth by the Bank:

    The condition to apply for UOB Wealth Banking is as follows:

    • For applying UOB Wealth Banking member, on the application date, customer must have deposit amount or investment amount or deposit amount combined with investment amount 2 million baht or more, and must maintain such balance for 4 consecutive calendar months from the month of application or purchase life insurance and/or Unit-Linked life insurance with annual premium of 300,000 baht or more or purchase Single Premium life insurance of 2,000,000 baht or more through the Bank, and pay a premium for the first year in the year of applying for a member. The customer does not cancel the insurance policy during free look period, provided that, the name of insured must be same as the name of UOB Wealth Banking member.
  2. Customers must have a mutual fund account with UOB Asset Management (Thailand) Company Limited through the Bank or open a mutual fund account with UOB Asset Management (Thailand) Company Limited through the Bank on the date of application or within 30 days after receiving SMS for confirming your membership from the Bank.
  3. Customer must apply for or upgrade credit card, and has a spending as follows:
    • For UOB Privilege Banking member, customer who applies for UOB PRIVI Miles Privilege Banking credit card or upgrades credit card to be UOB PRIVI Miles Privilege Banking credit card. Customer will receive cash back amount of 6,000 baht when having an accumulated spending by UOB PRIVI Miles Privilege Banking credit card from 6,000 baht within 4 calendar months including sign up month.
  4. Cash Back for the total amount of spending from 1st till 3rd calendar month including to the month of account opening according to clause 3 Customer will receive cash back amount of 100 baht every spending amount of 10,000 baht by UOB credit card. The maximum of cash back is specified in Table A.

    Table A. Maximum Cash Back



    Total Asset Under Management

    Maximum Cash Back

    Total Maximum

    Cash Back

    (From the 1st – 3rd month)

    Welcome Bonus

    Cash Back

    Every THB 10,000 Segment Credit Card spending receive Cash Back THB 100

    Wealth Banking

    THB 2 – 9.99 Million

    THB 2,000

    Cap THB 3,000

    THB 5,000

  5. The total amount of spending according to clause 4 can be counted with the total amount spending by UOB debit card.
  6. Calculation of accumulated spending for credit cash back excludes installment payments (IPP conversion) or UOB Customer Care or UOB Pay Anything or spending at gasoline station or utility-related spending or education-related spending or insurance-related spending or investment-related spending (such as purchase of mutual funds, Unit Linked and bonds) spendings.
  7. The Bank will credit cash back into the customer's main credit card within 60 days after the 3rd calendar month that spending via UOB credit cards under the conditions set forth by the Bank. Customer must not be in default and shall maintain the status as a member of UOB credit card on date the Bank credits cash back into the account.
  8. Spending on supplementary card spending will be combined with the primary card spending amount.
  9. For customer who also holds a joint banking account, the banking balance and monthly banking transactions, for the purpose of this promotion, will be calculated under the primary account holder of the joint account. All privileges and rewards are exclusive for the primary account holder only.
  10. Credit cash back may not be exchanged or redeemed for cash.
  11. All investment carries risks, investors shall take care to study each investment product, fund policies, conditions for return on investment, risks, and fund performance before making informed investment decisions.
  12. The Bank only serves as an insurance broker (License No. CH00026/2545) to offer insurance products and act as manager for persons to enter into life insurance contracts and facilitate the payment of insurance premiums, all coverage and benefits as stipulated in the insurance policy shall be undertaken by Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) Plc.
  13. For more information, please contact: UOB Wealth Banking Service Center Tel. 0 2285 1558

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