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UOB Personal Internet Banking / UOB TMRW Application Form
  • Application and Data Changing Request Form (Thai / English)
Credit Card Application Forms
  • Application Form (Thai / English)
  • Application form for Credit Card/ Cash Plus Credit limit Increase (Thai / English)
  • Application form for Supplementary Card (Thai / English)
  • Application form for Credit Card Upgrade / Downgrade (Thai / English
  • Credit Card Factsheet (Thai / English)
  • Travel Insurance Benefit leaflet for PRIVI Cards and Premier Cards (Thai / English)
  • Travel Insurance Benefit leaflet for other cards (Thai / English)
  • Power of Attorney form for Credit, Debit and/or UOB Cash Plus card pick up (Thai / English)
Debit Card Application Forms
Deposit Application Forms
International Trade Application Forms

International Fund Transfer

Trade Services

     Import / Domestic Purchase

  • Application for Documentary Credit (English)
  • Application for Amendment Letter of Credit (English)
  • Shipping of Guarantee (English)
  • Trust Receipt (Thai / English)
  • Transfer Instruction of TR loan for Open Account / Advance Payment  (Thai / English)
  • Summary of Invoices and Transportation Documents_TR (Thai / English)

     Export / Domestic Selling

  • Handling of Documents under Export Letter of Credit (English)
  • Non-Recourse Discounting under Letter of Credit (English)
  • Application for Transfer LC (English)
  • Collection/Instruction for Negotiation/ Discount of Export Bill (English)
  • Bill of Exchange (English)
  • Assignment of Proceed Form (English)
  • Packing Credit (Thai / English)
  • Promissory Note
  • Summary of Invoices and Transportation Documents_Invoice Finance (Thai English)

     Guarantee and Aval

  • Indemnity Letter for Issuance of Letter of Guarantee (Thai / English)
  • Indemnity Agreement for Aval or Acceptance of Bill (Thai / English)

    Other Instructions


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