UOB Premier

Perfect for those who wish to build up their own wealth

  • Guarantee cashback 2% of sum assured
  • Opportunities for receiving a dividend every policy year* (if any)
  • Receive maturity benefit 700% of sum assured
  • No medical exam and no health questions (under the company's policy)

Key product conditions

Eligible Age: 1 month - 65 years old
Coverage Period: 14 Year
Premium Payment Period: 7 Year
Sum Assured: A minimum of 50,000 Baht
Mode of payment: Annually
Medical Check-up: No medical check-up or answering health questions required. Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) PLC. reserves the right to require a medical check-up under the company’s underwriting policy.


Living Benefit1
  • At the end of policy year 2- 13, receive the coupon payout at 2% of sum assured.
  • Receive maturity benefit at the end of the 14th policy year 700% of sum assured
  • Total guaranteed benefit is 724% of sum assured
Death Benefit2
  • Receive 105% of total premium paid

The company shall consider paying dividend as follows:

  • Annual dividend at the end of policy year 1 until maturity date.
  • Dividend in case of death and surrender

Important notes for UOB Premier

  1. Conditions for non-coverage:
    • In case of material misrepresentation or false statement, the Company shall void the policy within 2 years from the policy effective date or the renewal date or the reinstatement date or the date the Company approves the increase of sum assured, only for the increased amount.
    • The Insured commits suicide within 1 year from the policy effective date or the renewal date or the reinstatement date or the date the Company approves the increased sum assured, only for the increased amount, or is murdered by the beneficiary.
      (Please refer to the conditions for non-coverage as specified in the policy contract)
  2. This is a life insurance product, not a bank deposit. For the maximum benefits from the policy, applicants should continue paying premium throughout the premium paying period and hold the policy to maturity. If the policy is terminated before maturity, they may not receive total benefits from the policy or total premium paid back.
  3. Applicants must study and understand policy terms and conditions before deciding to purchase life insurance.
  4. It is the responsibility of the policyholder to make premium payments. Life insurance brokers only facilitate the service.
  5. The assured has rights to cancel the policy within 15 days from the date of receiving it. The company will then return an outstanding premium paid after deducting 500 Baht per policy for actual medical check-up expense and any other expenses.
  6. The assured has rights to surrender the policy and receive the surrender amount as specified in the surrender value table, plus other entitled benefits (if any), less outstanding debt (if any).
  7. Life insurance premium is eligible for tax-deductible benefit up to THB 100,000 per year, in accordance with the terms and condition prescribed by the Revenue Department.
  8. The assured should understand that UOB Premier is the marketing name of Saving insurance plan 14/7 (participating).

UOB, in its capacity as the insurance broker license number Chor 00026/2545 will facilitate the insurance transaction and premium payments only, while Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited will be responsible for providing the coverage and benefits as stated in the insurance contract.

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