New Sign up Campaign of UOB Wealth Banking

  1. 1. Receive Gift Vouchers THB 500
  • Customers who have subscribed to UOB Wealth Banking customer’s from 1 July – 30 September 2018 shall meet one of the following conditions to be eligible for the gift vouchers THB 500.
    • Customers shall use service of deposits, investments and / or mutual funds in the amount of THB 1 million or higher and maintain the outstanding balance at least THB 1 million for at least three consecutive months from the month of subscription.
    • For customer who buys insurance policies under the same name, pays insurance premiums during this year of the subscription to UOB Wealth Banking, does not exercise the option of cancelling insurance policy during the free look period, and has life insurance premiums for each type as per the following:
      • Ordinary Life Insurance with an Annual Premium Equivalent (APE) of THB 150,000 or higher
      • Unit link Insurance Regular Premium  (PRUhappy link) with an APE  of THB 150,000 or higher
      • Unit link Insurance Single Premium (PRUwealth link), with an APE of  THB 1 million or higher
  • Limited one right of  Gift Voucher privilege per person
  • For customer who signs up as a new member of both UOB Wealth Banking and UOB Privilege Banking during 1 July – 30 Sep 2018, the Bank will consider granting gift voucher based on the latest subscription status and limiting the privilege to 2,000 Baht
  • For any new UOB Wealth Banking customer who holds a joint account, its balance is divided between account holders before combining with the individual account balance. The Bank reserves its right to offer the Gift Voucher privilege to the primary account holder only.
  • The Bank will send the Gift Voucher to the customer within 60 days after the 3-month subscription period. It will be delivered to the customer's address as a mailing address that customer provide to the bank
  • For deposits of THB 1 million, the value of the gift is equivalent to an interest increased to 0.05% – 0.2% per year.
  1. Receive deposit interest 4 times of normal savings

UOB Wealth Banking customers can request to open an account. UOB Wealth Banking which offers deposit interest 4 times of normal savings, with reference to the Bank’s notice as of April 5, 2018, Table 1 No. 006/2561, Clause 2.1, with reference to Clause 2.26.

Savings Type Interest Rate (per year)
2.1 Normal Savings 0.25%
2.26 UOB Wealth Banking Savings Account 1.00%

Interest rates may change as announced by the Bank.

For more information on UOB Wealth Banking savings, please visit

This deposit is protected by the Deposit Protection Agency as specified in the law.

  1. Receive gift voucher up to THB 2,000

Newly subscribed UOB Wealth Banking customers who have an accumulative investment in funds listed in the campaign from 1 July – 30 September 2018,  shall receive gift vouchers as the following;

Cumulative investment amount in funds listed
1 Jul- 30 Sep 2018
Get Gift Voucher
THB 1 – 2.99 million THB 1,000
THB 3 – 4.99 million THB 2,000

  • The funds listed in the campaign include United Global Income Strategic Bond Fund-A (UGIS-A), United Global Income Strategic Bond Fund-N (UGIS-N), United Income Focus Fund-A (UIF-A), United Income Focus Fund-N (UIF-N), United Flexible Income Fund-A (UFIN-A), United Flexible Income Fund-N (UFIN-N), Krungsri Global Income Fund (KF-INCOME), Krungsri Collective Global Income Fund (KF-CINCOME),  Krungsri Global Multi Asset Income Hedged FX Fund (KF-MINCOME), United Global Dynamic Bond Fund-A (UDB-A), United Global Dynamic Bond Fund-N(UDB-N), United Global Equity Absolute Return Fund (UGEAR)
  • Investment from the Regular Investment Plan Program cannot be counted towards the value of the investment for this promotion
  • Cumulative investment amount refers to the amount of additional investment in the funds listed and switching in funds listed among UOB Bank (Thai) only
  • A gift voucher is limited to THB 2,000 per customer who holds a primary account. In the case that the primary account holder participates in other promotions that run concurrently, the primary account holder shall receive the benefit value of not more than 0.2 per cent of the total investment that he/she has invested in the fund. This condition is following the SEC’s guidelines.
  • The Bank will deliver the Gift Voucher to customers within the next 60 days after September 30, 2018 to the customer's mailing address provided to the Bank.
  • Investment Warning Risk.  Investors should understand the nature of the product Risk conditions before investing.
    • The fund is subject to foreign exchange risk that may arise from investing overseas. Although the fund may hedge at the sole discretion of the fund manager, the fund does not hedge the whole exchange rate. Investors may lose or receive foreign exchange gains / or earn a return lower than the initial investment.
    • Funds may be subject to the default risk of the issuer. This resulted in investors losing some of their investments. In return, the unit may not be refunded as specified in the project. Historical Performances / Comparison of Capital Market Product Performances are not a guarantee of the future performances.
  1. Information on special privileges for UOB Wealth Banking customers can be retrieved at
  2. Customers can choose a gift voucher wither from Central or Tesco Lotus. The Bank will send SMS to customers who meet the conditions via mobile phone number that the customer provided to the Bank. After receiving the SMS, please reply by typing U1 for Central Gift Voucher; type U2 for Tesco Lotus Gift Voucher), and send to 7662211 (no SMS fee).
    In the case that the Bank does not receive an SMS reply from eligible customers within the given date, the Bank will send Central gift voucher to those whose mailing address is in Bangkok and perimeter. For customers whose mailing address is outside Bangkok and perimeter, the Bank will provide a Tesco Lotus gift voucher.
  3. The Bank is not associated with the store voucher. Should customers require additional information, please contact the details provided at the back of each voucher.