Export Services

Export Services

UOB's Trade Finance Services can help simplify export business activities for you.

"I really want to know the specification for this order that I got from oversea"

๊UOB can advise you on export letter of credit

” Want to export …but short of fund ….”

Just get packing credit from UOB. You' ll have enough money to buy raw materials to produce the merchandise on time!

“ I already ship out the merchandises.. but still have to wait another 2 months before I get pay …
How can I get money to run my business in the mean time?”

What you need is export bill under letter of credit ! UOB can pay you now and get reimbursement from the bank of your customer later.

“Trying to collect payment oversea is giving me a headache ! Can Somebody do it for me?"

Sure. export bills for collection service can help you.