Import services

Import services

UOB's Trade Finance Services can help simplify import activities
for you.

"My Company just placed an import order … but I need help for paperwork and payment…"

Easy!.. Just open L/C with UOB.

"Already Imported the merchandises …but it would be a while before I can sell the entire stock.
Where can I get working capital? "

UOB is happy to offer Trust receipt financing, so you can get the cash to cover your needs now,
and pay it back later!

"Overseas supplier already sent me the documents to collect the payment. Would be nice if someone can check the documents for me before I pay…"

Simple...Just use UOB's Import Bills for Collection service ….>>


"My Shipment finally arrives...but the documents have not get arrived. How can I get them off the
port now?"

Just applyshipping guarantee with UOB and your problem will be solved.