UOB eAlerts! is an email/SMS alert service that informs you of your account balances and alerts you of specific account and trade finance activities, to help you better manage your accounts.


  • Monitor cash flow on-the-go
  • Flexibility to customise your alerts*
  • Choice of 2 convenient modes of notifications– email and/or SMS alerts
  • Manage your cash flow better with real-time notifications*
  • Waiver of monthly subscription for all Cash email alerts^
  • Supports local mobile numbers
  • Available for selected account related activities.
  • Charges apply for Cash SMS alert.

Type of Alerts

  • Account Balance - Choice of receiving notifications regarding your account balance up to four times a day, so that you are aware of your available funds for disbursements and investments.
  • Account Balance Below/Above Threshold - Receive real-time alert when your account balance goes below/above the threshold. This enables you to make timely decisions to manage your account and disbursements so that you will always have sufficient funds in your account.
  • Incoming Funds - Receive real-time notifications of incoming funds to your account exceeding the threshold amount. This saves you time and effort in monitoring incoming funds.
  • Debit Notification - Real-time notifications of any debits from your account exceeding the debit threshold amount. This helps you to manage your cash outflows with greater certainty.
  • Return of Cheques Deposited - Receive notifications for Thai Baht (THB) return cheques1 deposited into your account, so you can promptly follow up with the issuer of the cheques.


  • SMS : 50 baht (per mobile number per Account)
  • Email : Waived


  • To apply for Cash alerts, you will require a corporate Account in any currency offered by UOB in Thailand.

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