Global Markets Products

Foreign Exchange Products

FX Spot

a deals in which you agree to exchange the amount at an agreed exchange rate for settlement in 2 business days. Spot rates can be adjusted to provide for transactions taking place today or tomorrow, also known as “Value Today” or “Value Tomorrow”.

FX Forward

a deals in which you agree to exchange the amount at an agreed exchange rate for settlement after 2 business days. Exporter, importer or any client with FX obligation can manage foreign exchange risk by fixing the exchange rate using this forward contract.

FX Swap

a pair of currency transactions, one for purchase and one for sale, for two different value dates, one of which is spot, to hedge your foreign exchange exposures in both value dates.

Interest Rate Risk Management Products

Interest Rate Swap

an agreement between two parties to exchange interest payments; pay fixed and receive floating rate, vice versa. This is suitable for corporate with mismatch interest rate type between its loan/liability and assets/receivable.

Cross Currency Swap

an agreement to exchange interest payments in one currency for those denominated in another currency, suitable for corporate with different currencies between loan/liability and assets/receivable.

Commodity Risk Management Products


We offer a variety of commodity hedging tools, ranging from plain vanilla to structured derivatives, while covering soft commodities, energy, base metals, and precious metals.

Fixed Income Products

Government Issuance

Treasury Bills, Government Bonds, Saving Bonds, Bank of Thailand Bonds, State Enterprise Bonds

Corporate Issuance

P/N or B/E Aval, Corporate Short-term Debentures, Corporate Bonds


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