Import Letter of Credit

  • UOB can help importer to make payment via L/C.


The bank provides L/C issuance for the importer to make payment for goods or services. L/C provides comfort to the importer that payment will only be made upon presentation documents are complied with terms and conditions of the L/C. There are 3 methods in issuing L/C :

  • Full S.W.I.F.T./ Telex 
  • Brief S.W.I.F.T./ Telex 
  • Courier/ Mail


  • Provide prompt service in issuing L/C within 24 hours, customer can get the copy of L/C within the same day.
  • Provide confidence to both importer and overseas supplier since L/C is an undertaking by the bank to make payment.
  • Provide comfort to the importer that payment with only be made upon presentation of documents are complied will terms and condition of stated L/C.
  • The more convenient and faster services are be obtained via UOB CyberBanking System

Special Privileges

When applying through UOB CyberBanking, customer will:

1. Be able to create unlimited database
2. Be able to view and print the copy of L/C issuance within the same day
3. Be informed the L/C issuance commission within the same day
4. Be able to access the information regarding L/C issuing at anytime.

Applicant Requirement

  • Corporate customers.
  • Maintain Savings, Current or Foreign Currency Deposit Account together with trade finance facilities with UOB.

Supporting Documents

  • Application for Documentary Credit
  • Evidences or other relevant documents for L/C issuing, for example Sales contract, Proforma Invoices, Purchase order etc.

Rates & Fees

  • Subject to arrangement.


Customer Service 0-2093-5071-74

Fax. 0-2093-5340-42

Note : Any services which require credit facility(ies), credit approval must be granted first.