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Your business is at the heart of what we do

Our thorough understanding of your business needs means we know all about your challenges as an Association, Investment Holding Company, or Educational Provider – maximising yield from your cash reserves while ensuring sufficient liquidity at all times, or managing your receivables with greater speed and efficiency.

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Maximise your yield and assets

We offer a range of savings and investment solutions that best fit your liquidity needs or risk appetite

Investment Solutions

Get potentially higher returns by leveraging on investment tools. Our qualified financial advisors guide you on suitable products, available in short-term or long-term tenors, to suit your risk appetite.
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Maximise returns on your cash reserves with a wide range of deposit products with flexible tenors.
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Enjoy efficient banking

Often, basic business services are what you depend on to stay on top of cash flow management and to have peace of mind that your business and employees are well covered.

Business Accounts

UOB has a suite of business Savings and Current accounts to suit your needs.
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Payments and Collections

Handle your daily payments through our branches and BIBPlus. Manage your collections efficiently with cross-bank bill payment so your customers can settle their invoices through any bank. With UOB Virtual Account, we help you streamline and automate your Accounts Receivable reconciliations easily.
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Life Insurance

Our life insurance solution provides financial assurance to safeguard business continuity in the event of unexpected circumstances.

Foreign exchange services

Receive dedicated support and advice from our foreign exchange (FX) dealers to assist in managing FX risks.
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Make informed decisions

Managing your daily operations efficiently is critical. These automation and digital tools will help you achieve exactly that.

UOB BizSmart

A suite of integrated business solutions that helps you run your business anytime, anywhere. UOB BizSmart, connected to your UOB banking account and facilities, lets you seamlessly manage multiple core processes.
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BIB Plus

Bank on the go with UOB Business Internet Banking (BIBPlus). Get instant access to banking service anytime, anywhere.
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Business App

An app that consolidates multiple features for access to banking on the go, business insights and tools to alert you on foreign exchange rates.

Benefit from our value-added services

Free access to co-working space

UOB Business Opportunity Excellence (UOB BOX) is a co-working space that we offer for your use. Make use of the meeting room facilities and find opportunities to network with other business owners.
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Stay ahead with business insights

UOB provides essential insights from business owners and subject matter experts around key business topics to better adapt in our increasingly competitive world.
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Access our regional network

Our strong presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam assists you in achieving greater access to the region and growth for your business.
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We're here to help