Shipping Guarantee

  • "My shipment finally arrived...but the documents have yet arrived.
    How can I get them off the port now?"

    Just apply shipping guarantee with UOB and your problem will be solved.

Product Features

The bank provides Shipping Guarantee to shipping company, allowing the customer to release goods from shipping company without the Bill of Lading.


  • Eliminate expensive demurrage / storage charges
  • Avoid unnecessary delays to the day-to-day running of your business

Applicant Qualification

  • Corporate Entity
  • Existing Trade Finance Facilities with the bank i.e. Shipping Guarantee facilities.

Supporting Documents

  • Application for Shipping Guarantee
  • Related documents i.e. Bill of Lading, Invoice etc.
  • Shipping company’s guarantee form.

Rates & Fees

  • Subject to arrangement.


Customer Service 0-2093-5071-74

Fax. 0-2093-5340-42

Note : For services which require credit facility(ies), approved credit line must be established first.