Import Bills for Collection

  • "The overseas seller has already sent me the documents and wants to collect payment. Would be nice if someone can check the documents for me before I pay…"

    Simple...Just inform the seller to send
    Import Bills for Collection to UOB

Product Features

UOB acts as intermediaries ensuring that documents are only released against payment or acceptance. Collections offer the seller comfort that they will not lose control of the goods without payment or the promise to pay

There are 2 payment methods for Bill for Collection.

  • Document against Payment: D/P
    Documents are released to importers upon payment.
  • Document against Acceptance: D/A
    Documents are released to importers against their promise to pay.


  • UOB advise the customer upon receipt of documents.
  • The customer can contact the UOB's head office or International Business Center for documents pick-up.

Applicant Qualification

  • Corporate customer
  • Must have Trade Finance Facilities with UOB

Supporting Documents

  • Advise of Bills For Collection Arrival.

Rates & Fees

  • Subject to arrangement.


Customer Service 0-2093-5071-74

Fax. 0-2093-5340-42

Note : Any services which require credit facility(ies), credit approval must be granted first.