Export Bills Under Letter of Credit

  • “ I already shipped out the merchandises.. but still have to wait for another 2 months before I get paid … Where can I get money to run my business in the mean time?”

    What you need is export bill under letter of credit …..UOB can pay
    you now and get reimbursement from the L/C issuing bank later.


The bank provides collection service or purchase / discount Export Bills under L/C to allow exporters to use the money before actually receiving payment or before the payment due date from a overseas buyer. After the exporter sends the goods, prepares all required documents require under the L/C and submits them to the bank, the bank will check all documents for completeness and accuracy as per requirement stated in the L/C and submits the documents to the bank that issue the L/C.



  • All documents are checked by our expert.
  • We will sent export document under L/C to issuing bank and follow-up for payment.
  • Make timely payment for better liquidity management and convenience in financial planning.
  • Lower the overseas and exchange risk.
  • We also provide consultation and advice regarding documents, rules and regulations of the associated countries to the exporter.

Applicant Requirements

  • Corporate customer
  • If the customer would like to finance their export bills with our Bank. The customer must have a Trade Finance Facilities Export Loan facilities.

Supporting Documents

  • Request for Negotiation/Discount of Export Bills Drawn under Letter of Credit Form.
  • Original L/C.
  • Other supporting documents mentioned in the L/C such as Bill of exchange, Invoices, Bill of Lading, Insurance Policy, certificate, etc.

Rates & Fees

  • Subject to arrangement.



Head Office :

Customer Service

Tel. 0-2093-5071-74

Fax. 0-2093-5340-42

Note : Any services which require credit facility(ies), credit approval must be granted first.