Export Bills for Collection

  • Trying to collect payment overseas is giving me a headache ! Can Somebody do it for me?

    UOB can help! use our export bills for collection services.


The bank provides Export Bills for Collection services according to the instruction of the exporter. We will check all documents, send the document request for payment to the overseas bank, and follow-up for the payment..

There are 2 payment methods for Bill for Collection.

  • Document against Payment: D/P
    Document are released to importers upon their payment.
  • Document against Acceptance : D/A
    Documents are released to importers against their promise to pay.


  • Fast and convenient. The money collection process is very efficient through our worldwide network.
  • Service fee is fair.
  • Provide advice to customer regarding Export Bills for Collection by expert in International Trade services.

Applicant Requirements

  • Corporate customer

Supporting Documents

  • Collection / Instruction for Negotiation / Discount of Export Bill Form
  • Other supporting documents such as Bills of Exchange, Invoices, Bill of Lading, Insurance, other certificate, etc.

Rates & Fees

  • Subject to arrangement.



Corporate Trade Service 0-2487-2999

Note: Any services which require credit facility(ies), credit approval must be granted first.