Bonds and Bills Indicative Price

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28 April 2016

Bank of Thailand Bonds / Treasury Bills

Issue Maturity Date Time to Maturity (Days) Offer Yield (%)

Saving Bonds

Issue Coupon
Maturity Date Time to Maturity
Bid Price
(100 Baht)
Offer Price
(100 Baht)
Offer Yield
SB16DA 3.85 2-Dec-16 0.60 100.50 101.2468 1.15
SB175A 3.25 8-May-17 1.03 101.00 101.9640 1.25
SB189A 3.99 3-Sep-18 2.35 104.00 105.9915 1.65

Government Bonds

Issue Coupon
Maturity Date Time to Maturity
Interest Payment Date Bid Yield
Offer Yield
LB176A 3.250 16-Jun-17 1.13 16/6, 16/12 1.53 1.22
LB196A 3.875 13-Jun-19 3.13 13/06, 13/12 1.62 1.32
LB21DA 3.650 17-Dec-21 5.64 17/12, 17/6 1.80 1.44
LB236A 3.625 16-Jun-23 7.14 16/12, 16/6 1.80 1.57
LB25DA 3.850 12-Dec-25 9.63 12/12, 12/6 1.95 1.69

*The information shown is tended to be indicative and subject to change without prior notice.

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Debt Securities Market
What is debt security?

Debt security means the written agreements to replay a loan, usually with interest, within a given time frame. Issuing a debt security is one way that governments, corporations and even individuals raise capital. The buyer would receive interest or discount from par value at the specific rate and time.

Bond Features

  • Issuer
  • Par value or face value
  • Maturity date
  • Coupon payment rate
  • Coupon payment frequency
  • Bond type such as secured bond or unsecured bond
  • Covenant

Type of Securities

  • Government Debt Securities issued by Ministry of Finance
  • Treasury Bills are short-debt instrument with maturity less than 1 year. The bills are issued on a discount basis. 
  • Government Bonds are medium to long-term debt instruments issued by the Ministry of Finance and risk-free asset.
  • Bank of Thailand Bond (BOT Bond), Financial Institution Development (FIDF Bond) and State Enterprise Bond (SOE Bond) are medium to long-term debt instruments issued by other government agency. For State Enterprise Bond can be categorized into 2 types; guaranteed and non-guaranteed by the Ministry of Finance (MoF).
  • Corporate Debt Securities are debt instrument with maturity more than 1 year and issued by corporation for raising fund from the market which under the SEC Act. Normally, the return from corporate bond must be higher than the government bond for the same tenor. The investor receives the credit spread (spread yield between corporate bond and government bond) for compensate the higher risk.

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