Foreign Currency Deposit Account

The depositors can mitigate their foreign exchange risks as well as minimizing any incurred expenses in converting from one currency to another. With Foreign Currency Deposit Account, customers will be able enjoy compettitive rate from UOB.

Type of Account
Acceptable Currencies
Documents required
Initial Deposit
Maintenance Fee
Deposit Commission
Withdrawal Commission
Foreign Bills for Collection
Interest Rate

Type of Account

  • Saving Deposit
  • Time Deposit

Acceptable Currencies

  • United State Dollar(USD)
  • Great British Pound Sterling(GBP)
  • Japanese Yen(JPY)
  • Australian Dollar(AUD)
  • Swiss Franc(CHF)
  • Euro(EUR)
  • Singaporean Dollar(SGD)

Documents required

1.Individual Resident Account

  • A copy of Thai Citizen Identification

2. Individual Non-Resident Account

  • A copy of passport,and
  • A copy of work permit for Thailand

3. Corporate Account

  • A copy of Business Registration. or Certificate of Incorporation
  • A copy the Articles of Association
  • A copy of resolution of board of directors' meeting indicating the intention to open the account, duly cerfified by the corporate secretary of the company or corporation, and notarised by a competent notary public
  • A letter of Attorney designating a person(s), and specimen signature(s) of said person(s) to sign for and on behalf of the company
  • For corporate account incorporated in Thailand; all credit transactions must be accompanied by supporting documents indicating an obligation to transfer payment in foreign currency within 180 days from the date of deposit in compliance with Bank of Thailand's regulation
  • For corporate account incorporated overseas; all reference documents must be notarised by a competent notary public and certified by Royal Thai Embassy, Royal Thai Consular-General, or the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Thailand
  • Tax identification (only for resident account)

4. Foreign Embassy, Mission, Consulate and International Organization Account

  • An official note from the Ambassador, or Charge' d'Affaires, or head of International Organization, or Diplomatic Mission signed and sealed by Ambassador, Charge' d'Affaires, or Secretary-General of the respective International Organization, indicating its intention to open foreign currency account
  • All reference documents from foreign embassies, Diplomatic Missions, Consulates, or International Organisations must be cerfified by Royal Thai Embassies, Royal Thai Consular-General, or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand

Initial Deposit

  • USD 5,000.00(USD five thousand only) or equivalent, except for Corporate account incorporated in Thailand

Maintenance Fee

  • Maintenance fee charged at USD 50.00 per annum on non-active account

Deposit Commission

  • Banknote : 0.50 % commission in lieu of exchange
  • T/T, Swift, Export Bills, and Foreign Bill: Free of charge

Withdrawal Commission

  • D/D, T/T, Swift 0.125% minimum USD 10 plus communications expense Baht 500 (in case of effect in full amount: our charge USD 10 for USD currency, and USD 15 equivalent for other currencies)
  • Import settlement: 0.25% flat
  • T/C 0.125% minimum USD 10, plus 1% and Baht 3 stamp duty
  • Banknote 0.50% commission in lieu of exchange
  • Convert into Thai baht free of charge

Foreign Bills for Collection

  • Collection charge : USD 10, Plus foreign bank charge
  • Return cheque : additional foreign bank charges

Interest Rate

  • Interest rate as periodically appears in the bank announcement and subject to change from time to time
  • Saving A/C : Interest is calculated daily and paid of a half-yearly basis
  • Time A/C ; rates are accepted for a period of 3, 6 and 12 month

Important Notice:

  • Deposit and withdrawal from these accounts are subject to Bank of Thailand's regulations.Withholding tax will be debited from the account in account in accordance with the government regulations.
  • The above information is subject to change without prior notice.
  • For further information, please contact nearest any UOBT brances, or the FCD Section, International Trade Services and Remittance Devision, the firsth floor, 690 UOB Bldg., Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110: telephone 0-2620-5127-34

For further enquiries , please contact us at 0-2620-5071-3