Frequently Asked Questions

Have not received User ID/Password

Have not received UOB Personal Internet Banking User ID

If you have not received your User ID, please follow the steps below:
  1. Please check Junk Folder in mailbox of your registered email.
  2. If not found, Please contact UOB Call Center at 0 2285 1555 to request us to resend User ID to your registered email or contact UOB branch. Search for UOB branch
  3. If you would like to change your registered email for receiving User ID, please contact UOB branch. Search for UOB branch

Have not received UOB Personal Internet Banking Password

  1. UOB will send the password for PIB access to the channel that you specified in the application.
    • If you requested to receive password via postal mail, please check mailbox of your registered mailing address or contact post office in your area.
    • If you requested to receive password at UOB branch, please contact the selected branch to collect the password.
  2. If you cannot find password envelope, please contact UOB branch. Search for UOB branch

First time login to PIB

Upon your first successful log in, you will be forced to change your User ID and Password instantly. For more detail, please follow the steps below:
  1. Log in with your initial User ID and Password received from the bank.
    • User ID that you received from the bank via
    • Password that you received from the bank via registered address or selected branch.
      Important! Please mind the capital letters and the difference between number "0" (zero) and the "O" character.
  2. Change User ID and Password
    • Your new User ID must be composed with 8 to 16 characters of numeric or alphanumeric without space and special character. User ID is not case-sensitive.
    • Your new Password must be composed with 8 to 24 characters of numeric or alphanumeric without space and special character. Password is case-sensitive.
  3. Select "Submit" to proceed
  4. You will be forced to Login again. Please enter your new User ID/Password.


General Information about PIB Service

What is "UOB Personal Internet Banking (PIB)"? How may PIB be of use to customers' transactions?

"UOB Personal Internet Banking (PIB)" is the e-banking service via the Internet network that allows its users to perform a variety of financial transactions such as money/funds transfer both within a single institution (UOB) and across multiple institutions (among different banking establishments), payment for goods and services, online money order (funds-transfer service whereby transfer be made to postal offices required on the condition that payees' information be specified; upon completion of the transaction, customers may be able to notify the recipients immediately as well), balance enquiries for one's own UOB banking accounts, etc., all of whose services may be enjoyed by the customers 24 hours a day and on daily basis.

What is the difference between "UOB CyberBanking" and "UOB Personal Internet Banking"?

UOB Personal Internet Banking is a brand new system strategically developed to replace the older one, that is, UOB CyberBanking service. In developing the UOB Personal Internet Banking (PIB), optimum service has been taken into account to ensure the best for customers while professionally remaining more vigilant to the issue of online-transaction security.

Systems required for PIB service (hardware and software)

  • Personal computer (general)
    • Operating system (OS): Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.
    • Web Browser*: Internet Explorer 6.0/7.0/8.0/9.0/10.0, Firefox 19, Google Chrome 25.
  • Personal computer (Mac)
    • Operating system (OS): Mac (Lion), Mac (Mountain Lion).
    • Web Browser*: Safari 5.1, Safari 6, Mozilla Firefox 19, Google Chrome 25.
  • iPhone & iPad*
    • iPhone 4 Safari browser -- on iOS 4.1 or higher.
    • iPad Safari browser -- on iOS 6.0 or higher.
      *Applicable to using on the Internet browser with "mobile phone" only; "not" for hand-phone "applications" usage.

Is UOB Personal Internet Banking (PIB) service available abroad?

Customers may as well enjoy the "PIB" service worldwide across the globe via the Internet connection, as well as receiving the OTP from SecurePlus Token, which means that our customers, at their highest convenience, are not required to open any roaming at all.

How does UOB Personal Internet Banking (PIB) security system work?

With the state-of-the-art online security system universally recognized that meets international criteria, which is comprised of data encryption using the secured socket layer (SSL), 128 bits, as well as computer network layout, and firewall, additionally equipped with "2-factor one-time password" (OTP) algorithm, customers can find peace in their confidence and online information security while enjoying UOB's PIB service.

How to clear Internet browser history?

Internet browser history should be cleared to ensure that critical information be not recorded within the computerized system.

The following may be applied according to the types of browser in use:

  • Internet Explorer
    • Select "Tools" menu > "Internet Options" > "General";
    • Select "Browsing History" and click "Delete";
    • Select "Temporary Internet Files" and click "Delete Files";
    • Click "OK" and click "OK" again to close the window.
  • Mozilla Firefox
    • Select "Tools" > "Clear Private Data";
    • Click "Cache" and select "Clear Private Data Now".
  • Safari
    • Open browser and click "Empty Cache";
    • Select "Empty" in the windows to delete Cache.
  • Google Chrome
    • Select "Tools" > "Clear browsing data";
    • Click "Clear browsing data".

Apply/Cancel PIB Services

How to apply for PIB service?

With at least one (1) of the following "UOB" accounts, that is, Savings Account, Current Account, Loan Account, and/or Credit Card Account, customers will be able to enjoy the service following the three (3) simple steps:
  1. Apply directly with UOB banks nationwide or simply download the UOB Personal Internet Banking application form.
  2. Fill in the application form and register one's own mobile-phone number (SMS) or SecurePlus token in order to receive the one-time password (OTP), as well as completing the second step by signing the name.
  3. Submit the application form along with a copy of personal identification card or, in case of non-Thai citizen, valid passport, to a UOB bank near you.
Note : Upon receiving the User ID via the email address specified by the customer in their application form, the customer shall receive SMS message as part of confirmation of their UOB Personal Internet Banking service registration; afterwards, the bank shall deliver the password via postal mail to the address specified in the application form by the customer within seven (7) workdays (in the Kingdom of Thailand only).

How to cancel PIB service?

Please contact UOB branches nationwide to fill in the form and cancel the use of PIB service.

One Time Password (OTP)

What is "One Time Password (OTP)"?

OTP is the password employed to enhance the level of online transaction security via PIB system; as nominally implied, OTP shall be useable once per transaction only and within the specified period of time.

Via which channels may customers be able to receive OTP?

The bank shall register the customer's mobile phone number as specified in the PIB application form (applicable to the numbers registered in the Kingdom of Thailand only); in regard to the steps to be taken in light of SMS-OTP receiving, the bank shall send SMS message to the aforementioned, registered mobile phone number.

SecurePlus Token-OTP
In case the customer happens to have traveled abroad or somehow finds it inconvenient to receive the SMS-OTP via their mobile phone number, SecurePlus Token option may be used by clicking the button so that "OTP" will be immediately displayed.

In which case is OTP required to perform transaction?

  1. When there are transactions being performed relevant to customer's information or relevant to financial transactions via PIB system.
  2. When the customer desires to log in by using the full access mode in performing a variety of transactions such as "Add Fund Transfer Payee" transaction, "Add Global Fund Transfer Beneficiary" Transaction, "Add Online Money Order Payee" transaction, "Add Bill Payment Favorite" transaction.

In case of changing the telephone number to receive the SMS-OTP, what must be done?

Customers may contact UOB branches nearby to make change of the telephone numbers to receive the SMS-OTP.

Are there any expenses in receiving OTP?

There are no expenses whatsoever in receiving OTP via SMS and/or SecurePlus Token.

About SecurePlus Token-OTP

What is "SecurePlus Token-OTP"?

SecurePlus Token-OTP denotes a set of accessories employed to enhance the level of security by creating One Time Password (OTP) to be indispensably used in tandem with both the User ID and Password in order to carry out transactions via PIB system.

In case SecurePlus Token is required, what must be done and is there any fee?

Please contact UOB Bank near you to fill in the form and receive the Token. Fee: Baht 300/Token.

How to use SecurePlus Token?

Simply click and keep pressing the red button at the bottom right corner of SecurePlus Token, and the six-digit numerical code will be displayed. Customers may input the code on the PIB screen in order to carry out the transaction or make change of their personal data/information via PIB system.

In case the SecurePlus Token is being lost, what must be done?

Please contact UOB Call Center at 0 2285 1555 immediately upon taking notice. In case another set of SecurePlus Token is needed in replacement, please contact UOB branches near you to fill in the form and receive a brand new of SecurePlus Token. Fee: Baht 300/Token.

In case of forgetting one's own User ID and/or password, what must be done?

What must be done when forgetting the User ID?

Please contact UOB Call Center at 0 2285 1555. UOB Bank shall take steps in verification and users verification, and then re-send a User ID within the next workday via the e-mail address already given by the customer or contact UOB branch. Search for UOB branch

What must be done when forgetting the password or that the password is being locked?

In case of forgetting the Password or that the Password is being locked due to filling in the wrong password repeatedly more than the given quota, please contact UOB Call Center at 0 2285 1555.UOB Bank shall take steps in verification and users authentication, and then notify the customer of the password within seven (7) workdays or contact UOB branch. Search for UOB branch

Accounts service information in the PIB system

What type of UOB accounts can be used in the PIB system?

All types of UOB accounts except:
  • "Joint/And" account.
  • "Joint/Or" account with the "signing condition".
  • "Loan" account (non-performing loan: with outstanding balance more than 90 days overdue).

Is it possible to verify the accuracy of financial transactions via PIB?

Customers can verity the accuracy of financial transactions via PIB 24 hours a day.

How many accounts are considered to be the maximum "Add Payee"?

Customers can increase the recipient accounts and the number of the aforementioned accounts can be up to the maximum 30 accounts in total.

How may the history of transactions be examined?

Customers can retrieve the data pertaining to their past transactions back to not more than 90 days by selecting the Online Transaction Status/Online Activity History menu.

Will "Joint-Or" account and "For,By" account be displayed in the PIB system?

For the convenience of UOB customers whose "Joint-Or" account and "For,By" account, UOB Bank shall automatically keep the aforementioned types of the joint accounts on display; customers can make change of the display of their own joint accounts (for the types mentioned) by themselves 24 hours a day.

What must be done in case a customer does not want their "Joint-Or" account and "For,By" account to be displayed in the PIB system?

A customer can make input in order to increase/decrease (Link/Delink) the number of the aforementioned types of joint accounts, or other accounts, they do not wish to display on the PIB screen; however, changes made by the aforementioned customer shall only affect their own screen only and therefore shall not affect their joint account holders' screens.

Will the link/delink in the number of accounts to be displayed or not displayed in the PIB system be effective immediately upon completion?

Yes, immediately as soon as the customer has finished taking actions.

Changes in cash limit/financial amount in performing transactions via PIB service

What is the change in cash limit/financial amount?

It denotes the adjustment in the cash line by way of increasing or decreasing for transactions on daily basis; such change in the cash limit/financial amount will be made effective from the time at which the customer has finished carrying out transactions or inputting to the next time at which the customer makes change again.

Can the cash limit/financial amount be increased more than the normal level specified by UOB Bank?

It can be achieved by selecting the cash limit/financial amount to be increased as specified in each transaction by UOB Bank and confirming the action by inputting the OTP password obtained from the SMS message or SecurePlus Token.

What can be done in regard to decreasing the cash limit of transactions per day?

Customers are required to select to decrease the cash line as specified by UOB Bank without necessarily inputting the OTP password at the ‘transaction change/change transaction' menu.

Funds transfer service

What is the maximum amount of inter-bank funds transfer?

Inter-bank transfer may be made for not more than Baht 50,000/transaction or maximum Baht 300,000/day; the maximum cash line for funds transfer may also be adjusted to the total amount of Baht 500,000/day; note that customers are required to use the OTP obtained from SMS message or SecurePlus Token.

What is the highest number of destination/payee accounts allowed for funds transfer?

A customer may perform funds transfer to five (5) destination accounts in maximum by inputting the OTP password only "once".

What is an automatic recurring funds transfer?

An act of setting up the funds transfer to be made on regular basis whereby customers may choose the date upon which transactions are to be made, frequency of transfer (i.e. every month, every three [3] months, every six [6] months or every year) and the last date of transaction. The system shall automatically perform in accordance with the prior transactions set up on the specified dates.

What is future payment transfer?

By setting up the future payment date, payment shall be automatically made by the system on that date for the transactions specified by customers. Customers may set up the future payment for one (1) transaction each.

How many days are required for Global Fund Transfer?

Customers can select "Global Fund Transfer" menu in order to make inter-bank funds transfer to non-UOB banks abroad; the transferred funds will be credited to payees within two (2) workdays following the date of successful transference.

Bill payment service

How can Revenue Department's tax payment be made by using the PIB system?

Tax payment can be made to the Thai Revenue Department using the PIB system by selecting "Bill Payment" menu as follows:
  • Select the type of payee: "Government/Public Sector";
  • Select the payee: "REVENUE DEPARTMENT";
  • Fill in the personal tax identification number accordingly as follows: TAX I.D./customer's code, REFERENCE NO./CONTROL CODE and customer's name.

What must be done in case payment receipts are required?

Customers can make on-screen print command to confirm that the transaction has been completed or choose "Accounts Information" and select "Online Transaction Status"; transaction status may be traced back up to 90 days.

Customer support (PIB service)

Please contact UOB Call Center at 0 2285 1555 ext. 04 or send e-mail at