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  • Inquiry on-line… simply click-and-find!
  • Apply on-line…convenience beyond expectation.
  • Access service on-line…speedy…any time any day.
  • Privilege on-line …maximize your benefits.

Inquiry On-line… Simply Click-and-Find!

Want financial services that match your needs?
Want to know about financial news?
Want to know foreign exchange rates?
Want to expand your business?
Want to invest?

No matter who you are…our website uob.co.th has the answers. We have information for consumers, for business, and for investors. Simply click through the web site OR query through use bi-lingual search tool to find out!

Apply On-line… Convenience beyond expectation

Want a new credit card?
Want to transfer fund via internet and telephone?
Want to know about new promotion?

You can apply on-line for credit cards, for loans, for access to banking service channels via internet, telephone, for security enhancement for on-line credit card usage, for alert! service via e-mails For credit card and personal loan, preliminary approval is within an hour.

Access Service On-line… speedy…any time any day

Want to check your account balance?
Want to transfer money?
Want to shop on-line?
Want to pay bills on-line?
Want to find second hand house that is ready for you to move in?

No matter when.. no matter where … you can access UOB’s services via uob.co.th. Access to UOB CyberBanking enable you to do bank transactions like paying your bill on-line. Assets Sale query service enable you to find lands and houses at the location and price your prefer. You can also shop on-line and pay you bill on-line with our e-Commerce customers to your heart content!

Privilege On-line… Maximize your benefits!

Want to redeem gifts from UOB Rewards Plus ?
Want to buy with discounts?
Want to pay by installments with 0% interest?

You can query UOB Rewards Plus catalogue to find which gifts you are eligible to redeem-given the reward points you have and the type of gifts you want.

you can also browse through our collection of online catalogue that offer discounts for credit and user namely :

  • UOB Regional Privileges : offer discounts for UOB credit and holders in Australia , China ,Hong Kong , Indonesia , Malaysia ,Singapore ,Thailand.