Our Values & Customer Commitments

Our Values & Customer Commitments

As we identify, attract and nurture talent in the many territories where we operate, UOB understands that character sets individuals apart and gives our organisation the edge over competition.

Our Values

Honourable We act prudently to fuel our customers’ success. We maintain the highest professional and moral standards in all our dealings – with our customers and with each other.
Enterprising We were built with an enterprising spirit. We demonstrate this today through thought leadership, keen insight and a forward-looking mindset.
United We work as a team. Every one of us is united to reach individual and corporate goals through cooperation, mutual respect and loyalty.
Committed We are committed to performance. We are accountable for ensuring that UOB is a trusted source of stability, security and strength.


Our Customer Commitments

Treat you fairly We ensure we maintain the highest professional and moral standards in all our dealings with you. We have uncompromising discipline, clarity and bravery to do what is right for you and every decision is made in your best interest.
Provide you with the right solutions We connect you with solutions that make the most out of your experiences with us. Working together with you, we provide expert tools, knowledgeable guidance and clear direction to help you manage your day-to-day and future requirements, however complex your needs.

Know you personally

The value we place on relationships is reflected in our desire to make every experience a personalised one for you. By anticipating your needs and understanding you better with every interaction, learning your preferences and knowing what matters to you, we make your experience feel it is all about you.
Be there when it matters We are dedicated to stand by your side, to celebrate your achievements and to be present in your future, in good and in bad times. We provide you with personal guidance, backed by a seamless and consistent delivery built around your ambitions – to be relevant in your lives as you experience your biggest moments, and always to be close to you.