President and CEO Statement on Sustainability

Our sustainability strategy mirrors our business approach of balancing growth with stability. It takes into account the influence and impact our decisions and actions may have on our stakeholders and the environment. It also ensures that we remain economically relevant through managing ESG risks and opportunities practically and in line with market realities. To enable our programmes and initiatives to take root and to grow, we have ensured alignment with the ESG-related laws and regulations in Thailand. Just as our business strategy hinges on doing what is right for our customers, our sustainability strategy informs our engagement with our stakeholders and how we can help them in their own practices for positive outcomes in the long run.

When making business decisions and developing our products and services, we consider our stakeholders’ expectations in appreciation of what is material to them. As part of our commitment to sustainable and responsible growth, we also seek to identify, to assess and to manage social and environmental risks, challenges, impact and opportunities. This is carried out within a robust governance framework, underpinned by policies and guidelines that define our commitment and guide our approach to conducting business.

We refine our sustainability strategy continually through extensive discussions with teams from across the Bank. In our evaluation and planning, we start with internal factors that are key to the long-term growth of our business. Some of these factors are strong governance, employee health, safety and well-being, diversity and inclusion, as well as attracting, developing and retaining talent. Our deliberations also include wider sustainability trends affecting businesses globally, such as responsible financing, increasing interest in sustainability-related products and services and a changing regulatory landscape. In addition, we consider our alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).


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