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ASEAN’s first mobile-only bank for millennials debuts in Thailand

United Overseas Bank (Thai) (UOB Thai) announced the launch of TMRW[1], ASEAN’s first mobile-only bank for the region’s digital generation, in Thailand.

Thailand is the first country in which TMRW has been launched. 

Thailand’s digital generation, who make up one-third of the total Thai population[2], expects effortless and engaging digital experiences in how they are helped to manage their money. TMRW’s Different Generation, Different Solutions approach was designed to meet their needs in a manner in sync with and distinct to their lifestyles.

TMRW makes banking simpler, more transparent and more engaging for its customers through the use of data. It translates transaction data into actionable insights to make the banking experience interesting and fun while enabling its customers to be smarter at saving and spending. As customers spend more time with TMRW, the mobile-only bank becomes even more familiar with their wants and needs to serve each one better.

Mr Tan Choon Hin, President and CEO of UOB (Thai), said “Thailand is home to a large base of young and digitally-savvy consumers. With technology and connectivity increasingly driving changes in lifestyles, behaviour and perceptions, the digital generation here live very differently from the generations that have come before them. These millennials with their ‘mobile first’ and ‘mobile only’ expectations and preferences, are also increasingly influencing how businesses connect with their customers.

“On a global scale, Thailand is also ranked number one for mobile banking users and is third for mobile commerce according to the Global Digital Report 2019.[3] To serve the banking needs of Thailand’s digitally-savvy consumers, we are debuting TMRW – ASEAN’s first mobile-only bank – in Thailand.”

TMRW brings new meaning to swift and simple

In creating TMRW, UOB completely redesigned the customer experience – from the moment a customer signs up for an account through to how they bank day to day.

TMRW is the first mobile-only bank in Thailand that enables its customers to open a bank account and to authenticate their identities without having to visit a branch. Opening a TMRW account is as simple as uploading a photo ID-card with as few online forms to fill out as possible. Thereafter, TMRW customers can authenticate their identities any time at any TMRW self-service kiosks[4] located at more than 200 outlets across Bangkok.

Without the menu found on traditional apps, TMRW’s app is intuitive and frictionless to use. It learns how customers interact with the app and puts up front the functions and information that are personalised to each customer’s needs and attuned to their habits.

TMRW is also the first mobile-only bank in the world to feature a call function within its digital chat service, taking reference from popular messaging apps. Designed on the understanding that the digital generation prefers texting to calling, TMRW enables its customers to be able to text in Thai to TMRW’s virtual chat assistant through the app itself. This enables the mobile-only bank continue to converse seamlessly with the customer without them having to exit or to toggle away from the app.

Engaging customers in new ways - Anticipate, Converse, Serve

TMRW is powered by next-generation artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, and user interface design and smartphone capabilities. These include solutions provided through its partnerships with financial technology firms such as Personetics and Meniga, as well as in-house capabilities through its regional Engagement Lab (eLab).[5] The eLab is a dedicated unit set up with a focus on using the latest technology and behavioural insights to deepen customer engagement.

Mr Yuttachai Teyarachakul, Managing Director, Country Head of Personal Financial Services, UOB (Thai), said “TMRW is built on insights to enrich the customer experience for the digital generation. In speaking with millennials, we found that while they[6] appreciate relevant guidance to help them keep track of and manage their finances better, they respond better to prompts that are fun and that do not make them feel guilty. One of TMRW’s most popular features among the 1,500 customers who joined our pilot programme in Thailand was a money management game to help customers meet their savings goals in fun-sized, achievable steps. TMRW’s language is also free from banking jargon and is easy to understand.”



[1] TMRW is under BoT Regulatory Sandbox.
[2] Source: Department Of  Provincial Administration 2018
[3] Source: Global Digital Report 2019 was conducted by Hootsuite and WeAreSocial.
[4] TMRW Kiosks are available at 18 MRT stations, 32 BTS Stations, 72 Au Bon Pain outlets, 103 UOB branches, and One Siam
[5] The eLab is a dedicated unit set up across ASEAN countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.
[6] Source: UOB surveyed 3000 respondents in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand to understand deeper their needs and expectations of financial services. The survey was conducted in September 2017.

7 March 2019
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