UOB Mastercard Debit VCare Unlimit / VCare More Unlimit / VCare Extra Unlimit

UOB Mastercard Debit VCare Unlimit /
VCare More Unlimit /
VCare Extra Unlimit

For customer aged between 15 - 90 years, it gives accident coverage for medical fees without having to pay first for hospitals in our network. 24-hour coverage worldwide by THAIVIVAT INSURANCE PCL. 


Maximum coverage of

500,000 baht

24-Hour Accident

by Thai Vivat Insurance PCL.

No Payment required

where treated at the contracted healthcare facility

  • Able to receive medical attention from any hospitals across the country
  • There is no need to make an advance on incurred medical expense when checking into more than 300 contract hospitals nationwide
  • Free of charge on cash withdrawal and balance inquiry transactions via all ATM with PromptCard sign, both within the same clearing zone and between 2 clearing zone.
  • The daily maximum cash withdrawal is up to THB 100,000.
  • Able to use Debit card for spending at participation merchants with PromptCard or MasterCard Sign and Online Merchants worldwide. The daily maximum spending is total up to THB 100,000 both EDC and Online Spending.
  • Fast and convenient. Tap to pay for purchasing goods and services at any store with Contactless Payment symbol . No PIN required for transaction under THB 1,500.
  • Fund transfer between banks (ORFT) with UOB debit card throughout 24 hrs.
  • Cash withdrawal and balance inquiry are available on UOB ATM throughout Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, with free of charge

Remark : UOB, in its capacity as the insurance broker license number Vor 00020/2546 will facilitate the insurance transaction and premium payments only, while Thai Vivat Insurance PCL will be responsible for providing the coverage and benefits as stated in the insurance contract. This document is not an insurance policy. The details of the insurance conditions, exceptions to the coverage, are as set out in the policy. For cardholders aged 70 years old and older, their benefit under coverage condition number 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be 70% of the total coverage. Cardholders should understand the details of coverage and conditions before deciding to insure.

  • Instant claim at over 300 network hospitals across country.
  • Instant coverage right after applying for UOB Mastercard Debit VCare Unlimit / VCare More Unlimit / VCare Extra Unlimit
  • For the cardholders of UOB Mastercard Debit VCare Unlimit / VCare More Unlimit / VCare Extra Unlimit, in case of having any claims with either network hospitals or non-network hospitals within the first 7 days (for Bangkok) or first 14 days (for upcountry), cardholders need to make advance payment.
  • The advance payment by cardholder will be reimbursed within 15 days after the submission of completed set of required documents.
  • For advance payment by cardholder, please submit claim form and required document to THAIVIVAT INSURANCE PCL. Claims Department 71 Din Daeng Road, Samsen Nai Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400 or via any UOB branches.

* Insurance coverage will be automatically discontinued if the bank could not collect annual fee from the cardholder.

* If the insured’s ID card hasn’t yet been issued, birth certificate and house registration can be submitted instead

More Information, Please contact

Customer Service Department

Tel: 1231 press 4 or Fax no: 0 2695 0811 Email: info@thaivivat.co.th

Claims Department


71 Din Daeng Road, Samsen Nai Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400

Terms and Conditions

Applicant’s qualification

Applicant’s qualification

  • Individual only
  • Between age of 15 and 90 years old as of applied date
  • Have any type of UOB Savings Account

Condition of application

  • Limit 1 card per person
  • In case cardholders hold more than one V Care card, PA coverage will be only under a card that provides highest coverage.

Certified copy of ID or Passport

Information about debit cards


The bank is insured and pays a premium. UOB Mastercard Debit VCare Unlimit / VCare More Unlimit / VCare Extra Unlimit Cardholder is a beneficiary under the insurance policy issued by Thai Vivat Insurance PCL.

When cardholder uses debit card to make payment for goods and/or services and/or cash withdrawal in a foreign currency, the expense incurred will be collected in Thai Baht. The collected amount is converted at the exchange rate applicable by each credit card company of which United Overseas Bank (Thai) Plc is a member as of the date such expenses were collected from the Bank on actual collection basis; where the expense is not incurred in USD, the credit card company may convert it into USD then from USD to Thai Baht.

Debit cardholders may view the exchanges rates from the following links for preliminary reference:

  • For MasterCard 
  • For VISA
    (http://corporate.visa.com/pd/ consumer_services/ consumer_ex_rates.jsp)

For the purpose of risk protection, the Bank will charge an exchange risk-hedging premium on the top of the converted amount at a rate not exceeding 2.5% of the expense incurred.

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