Banner showing UOB Preferred Credit Card 15 THB spend  = 1 Reward Point, 15% cashback at 15 merchants
Mobile banner showing UOB Preferred Credit Card 15 THB spend = 1 Reward Point, 15% cashback at 15 merchants
Welcome gift of THB 2,000 cash rebate*

Apply for UOB Preferred Credit Card

Introducing the UOB Preferred Credit Card – your ticket to a world of rewards! With each purchase, enjoy a smooth journey of earning and savoring exclusive benefits. Earn rewards points with every spend, get cash back from your favorite merchants, and even enjoy roadside assistance and travel insurance. Designed to enhance your lifestyle, this card is your key to a more rewarding experience. Apply now to boost your spending and start on an enriching journey with UOB Thailand!

UOB Preferred Credit Card banner showing exciting international travel destinations

Get THB 2,000 Cash Rebate*

Simply apply and spend

From 1 Apr 2024 – 30 Jun 2024

UOB Preferred Credit Card Privileges

15 THB = 1 POINT

Receive accumulated rewards point every THB 15 spent.

X3 The 1 Point

Receive 2 more The1 point on every spending of 25 THB through UOB PREFERRED card at Central, Robinson, Tops, Central Food Hall, Muji and FamilyMart

15% Cash Back at 15 merchants

Spending through PREFERRED card at Arabica, Café Kitsune, Shopee, Lazada, Cafe Amazon, Dean & Deluca, Au Bon Pain, Krispy Kreme, Family Mart, Matsumoto Kiyoshi GRAB, True Money Wallet, Line Pay, Food Panda and Atome



Details of UOB Preferred Credit Card Privileges


Receive accumulated rewards point every THB 15 spent. (Except transactions incurred from spending on cash advance, mutual fund, unbilled IPP transactions, foreign currency exchange, any type of tax refund, interest, fee and any spending at gas station )

Terms and Conditions

  • Capped maximum spending through Super/Hypermarket category to calculate rewards points at 200,000 THB/Customer/cycle
  • Bank will give Rewards Points of UOB Rewards Plus on Cardholder’s spending which does not exceed two times of the credit limit of each card which may from time to time, be approved by the bank upon your request which shall not exceed THB 5 million per each statement cycle. The spending above this condition will not be eligible for Rewards Points accumulation and calculation.
  • From 1 July 2021 onwards, card member will not earn reward points from all UOB card types for transactions charged in Thai Baht at overseas merchants including any merchants or online merchants registered outside Thailand
  • For more detail on UOB rewards catalog and points redemption, please visit our website at

Terms and Conditions

  • This promotion valid from 1 July 2020 – 31 December 2024
  • This promotion is applicable for UOB PREFERRED primary card holder issued in Thailand only
  • Card Holder has to send SMS to register by type Yes (spaced) follow by last 10 digit of your card number and send to 4545111 (3THB/time)
  • Card Holder will receive 2 more The1 Points from every 25 THB spend at Central, Robinson, Tops, Central Food Hall, Muji and Tops Daily 
  • Capped total spending to calculate special The1 point at 10,000 THB/customer/month
  • Card Holder has to present The1 member card or inform telephone number to cashier before paying with PREFEREED card only
  • By sending SMS registration, card holder authorize UOB bank to reveal telephone number to The1 central (The1 company) in order to provide The1 point
  • SMS registration will be completed only if telephone number of card holder in UOB Bank ‘s system must match with The1’s system
  • Extra The1 point will effect to spending through UOB PREFERRED card at 15th of the following month upon completion of program registration
  • Extra The1 point will be credited to card holder membership account on the 1st of every month that card holder spend through PREFERRED card and will start to credit within 2 month after the completion of program registration
  • Card holder still receive UOB rewards plus 15 THB = 1 UOB point

Get 15% Cash back at Arabica, Cafe Kitsune, Shopee, Lazada, Cafe Amazon, Dean & Deluca,  Au Bon Pain, Krispy Kreme, Family Mart, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, GRAB, True Money Wallet, Rabbit Line Pay, Food Panda and Atmoe

Terms and Conditions

  • This promotion is applicable for UOB PREFERRED Primary card holder issued in Thailand only
    • Bank will calculate cash back amount only from spending at Arabica, Cafe Kitsune,Shopee, Lazada, JD central, Cafe Amazon, Dean & Deluca, Au Bon Pain, Krispy Kreme, Tops Daily, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, GRAB, True Money Wallet, Rabbit Line Pay, Food Panda and Atome
  • Capped maximum spending to calculate cash back 200 THB/merchant/month and total spending amount of all participating merchants at 3,000 THB/customer/month
  • This will not applicable for any cancellation transaction
  • Cash back amount will not be able to transfer to be cash or transfer to other customer’s account
  • Cash Back will be posted to customer’s account within 60 Business days after the last day of each month that customer register for the program
  • SMS registration is required. Please send SMS by type PFC spaced follow by last 10 digits of card number and send to 4545111 (3THB/time) (Customer who already registered for old 15% CB program has to register again)
  • Cash Back will be calculated and give to customer after/on the date that customer send SMS to register for the program successfully. Cash Back will not be calculated before the success of SMS registration

Travel Insurance

  • Maximum coverage of 10,000,000 THB
  • Maximum coverage of 40,000 THB for flight delay or flight cancellation
  • Maximum coverage of 40,000 THB for the delay of luggage delivery or the lost of luggage

When cardholders purchase  full travel fares with UOB Credit Card and inform the bank via UOB Call Center  02 – 285 1555 at least 2 days prior to departure, the Cardholder is entitle to Travel Accident Insurance,  compensation for any flight cancellation or flight delay, delay on luggage delivery or loss of luggage

This insurance covers the Cardholder, spouse and dependent children  with age of 3 months – 23 years old (dependent children must be single and provided that their travel fares are fully charged to UOB Credit card

Complimentary 24-hours Roadside Assistance services.

Simply call 02203-9797 when you need any assistance

1.Emergency Roadside Repair

2.Emergency Towing Service

3.Continuation of Journey for Trips in Bangkok and Suburban Areas (Car rental and accommodation arrangement)**

4.Reserved Driver**

**Service number 3 and 4, cardmembers will be responsible for the expense

24 Hours Assistance Service as a personal secretary

Examples of services

  • Recommending worldwide attractions and providing useful information, such as tourist attractions and restaurants in both Thailand and overseas
  • Searching for information and  products around the world
  • Reserving performance tickets in both Thailand and overseas such as theatrical performances, concerts, and sports
  • Reserving places at restaurants and accommodations around the world at your wish
  • Providing business information

Terms and conditions

  • Services provided in Thailand only
  • UOB Personal assistance service is provided from AXA Assistance
  • UOB Personal assistance will only be responsible for the cost of information searching
  • Cardmember is responsible for the cost in purchasing goods or paying for service. This includes deposit money, transfer fees, cancellation fees, delivery/shipping costs including insurance cost, Costs incurred in transferring funds to fulfill a request, and any other costs.
  • Capped maximum personal assistance service at 20 times/year

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Annual Fee

1st Year Annual Fee waiver
THB 3,000 Annual Fee for the following years (+VAT THB 210)


20 years old or above

Things you should know

Rate, Fees & Charges
  • Annual fee for first year: No Charge
  • Annual fee for the following year: 3000 THB (+VAT THB 210)
  • Annual fee for supplementary card: No charge
  • Annual fee waive: with spending of 150,000 THB/Year
  • Annual interest fee : 16% per annum (exclusive of VAT 7%)
  • Minimum Installment Payment Rate : 8% of the total amount as per the monthly statement start from 1 January 2024, and 10% of the total amount as per the monthly statement start from 1 January 2025 onward
  • Cash Advance Transaction Fee : 3% of the amount of cash withdrawn
  • Grace Period (free of interest charge period) : maximum of 55 days from the date of previous billing cycle

Qualifications of Applicants


  • Primary Card : 20 – 60 Years Old
  • Supplementary card : 15 – 80 Years Old

Monthly Income

  • Thai : THB 15,000 or above
  • Expatriates : THB 50,000 or above

Employment history

  • Employee: 4 Months and more (Have to pass probation period)
  • Self-Employed: 3 Years and above

Number of cards

  • Customer will be able to apply for maximum of 4 cards
  • Supplementary card can be apply for maximum of 4 cards
  • (Primary and supplementary card will have to share credit Line)

Document Required

  • Application form
  • Copy of ID or Passport
  • Income Document

Terms and Conditions to receive THB 2,000 cash rebate for UOB Preferred

  • This promotion is for new customers who apply for a UOB Preferred Credit Card as primary card via online channels from 1 Apr 2024 – 30 Jun 2024 and provide email in the application only; provided that the application has to be approved by the Bank within 16 Jul 2024.
  • Get 2,000 cash rebate into credit card account when spending at least THB 5,000 within 60 days after card approval date.
  • Cash rebate will be credited within 90 days counting from end of the month that customer met the minimum spending criteria.
  • Cash rebate is non-refundable and non-transferable.


General Terms and Conditions for Online Acquisition Promotion of New Primary Card Applicants

  • This promotion is for new customers who apply for UOB Preferred Credit Card in Thailand only, remain the status of UOB credit card customer and are not in default until the Bank credits cash rebate.
  • The promotion is offered to those who have never held a UOB Credit Card, TMRW Credit Card and/or Citi-branded Credit Card, or who have cancelled their membership with UOB Credit Card, TMRW Credit Card and/or Citi-branded Credit Card for more than 6 months.
  • If a customer applies for multiple credit cards simultaneously in the same application form. Customer will only receive one gift from the credit card acquisition promotion. The criteria for determining the gift will be based on the first card that meets the minimum spending criteria, as outlined in the terms and conditions of the acquisition promotion. Use when necessary and pay back full on time to avoid 16% interest rate.
  • Customer who is eligible for this online acquisition gift will not be eligible to get other acquisition offers from applying UOB credit card via other channels.
  • Online acquisition gift is limited for 1 offer per 1 primary applicant.
  • Cash rebate is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • For the criteria for calculating spending via credit cards, it includes all spending amounts via cards, and the monthly installment payment on UOB iPlan (only the monthly installment amount is counted). It does not include spending amounts resulting from the purchase of various funds, cash advance, installment payment for the remaining balance, Instant Cash Fund Transfer Program, cancellation of goods and services both domestically and abroad, refund items arising from tax refunds of all types, interest, fines and all types of fees, and expenses for trade or business.
  • Only spending via primary card is counted only.
  • Applicant must not cancel the credit card application nor cancel the credit card within 90 days after card approval date.
  • In case of doubt or problems with the calculation of the cash rebate amount, the primary cardholder must contact the Bank to request verification within 90 days from the date the cardholder completes the qualifying spending transactions during the promotional period.
  • Approval of credit card/loan applications is based on the criteria set out by the Bank.

*For more information, please contact our customer service by calling 0 2089 9999.

UOB Preferred Credit Card - Frequently Asked Questions

What makes UOB Preferred Credit Card stand out?

UOB Preferred Credit Card offers a unique blend of rewards, including cash back, rewards points, and exclusive benefits. It's designed to enhance your lifestyle and elevate your spending experience.

You earn rewards points with every purchase. For every THB 15 spent, you receive accumulated rewards points, allowing you to unlock a world of benefits seamlessly.

Certainly! Enjoy 2 extra The1 points for every THB 25 spent at Central, Robinson, Tops, Central Food Hall, Muji, and FamilyMart. Additionally, receive 15% cashback at selected merchants such as Arabica, Shopee, Lazada, and more.

UOB Preferred Credit Card provides travel insurance, personal assistance, and roadside assistance. It ensures you have peace of mind and support wherever your journey takes you.

Applying is easy! Visit our website or contact our call center or visit UOB branch to submit your application. Experience the rewards and benefits by applying for UOB Preferred Credit Card today.

For information on fees, including annual fees, please refer to the things you should know section in the website or conditions provided with the application.

Yes, UOB Preferred Credit Card is accepted globally. Feel free to use it for your international transactions and enjoy the benefits wherever you go.

In case of loss or theft, immediately contact our customer support to report the incident. We will assist you in securing your card and guide you through the necessary steps.

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