UOB Fixed Deposit Account

UOB Fixed Deposit Account

Fixed deposit account for people of all ages Start saving from the birth!

  • The fixed deposit account that can set the deposit period by choosing the deposit term according to the convenience of the customer.
  • Individual & juristic person can open. Deposits can be made into multiple accounts.


Choose the deposit period

according to the convenience of the customer.

Choose to earn interest

monthly or yearly when due.


Deposit at any branch comfortably.

Terms and Conditions

  • Open an account with a minimum of 5,000 baht for the general fixed deposit account.
  • Deposit 10,000 baht or more for a fixed deposit account, earn monthly interest (each next deposit not less than 10,000 baht).
  • Pay interest when the deposit term is due and/or payment of interest according to conditions.
  • Interest on the deposit earned by customer is subject to withholding tax as follows.
    • Individual 15%
    • Non-profit entity 10%
    • Juristic person 1%
  • Deposit can be made at any branch.
  • Upon the due date, customer may opt to transfer the total deposit amount and interest to savings or current account. If the customer does not contact the Bank, the system will continue the deposit with the compounded interest.
  • For withdrawal before due and deposit period < 3 months: no interest payment.
  • For withdrawal before due and deposit period >= 3 months: current savings interest rate with withholding tax.
  • The Bank requires that a fixed deposit account after at least 1 tenor period of that deposit with no deposit-withdrawal-transfer-account closing or passbook updated for more than 24 months consecutively must be considered a dormant account.
  • The Bank will give a written notice of the status and deposit balance of the said account for 3 consecutive times. Each time is 1 year apart.
  • This deposit is protected by the Deposit Protection Agency in the amount stipulated by law.

Account Opening Terms and Conditions

Applicant Qualifications
  • The minimum age for applying to open an account is 15 years old.
  • For age from birth to 15 years, the account "For / By" must be opened only.
  • Individual: Copy of ID card
  • Minor (under 15 years old): Copy of ID card of father or mother and copy of the minor's birth certificate or copy of house registration specifying the minor's name
  • No fee

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