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Get high interest rate up to 1.50%* p.a. for the first 2 million baht simply by maintaining balance

Get interest paid monthly

No limitations on deposit or withdraw transactions

Check account details conveniently online anytime and get e-Statement up to 5 years back

Interest Rate and Bonus Interest Conditions

Receive high normal interest rate 1% p.a. for any balance.

*Receive bonus interest 0.50% p.a.

when monthly average balance of the current month is more than or equal to monthly average balance of the previous month.

New bonus interest effective 1 March 2024 onwards

(New rate of bonus interest will be calculated using monthly average balance of March’s and will be first paid on the 1st business day of April 2024).

Total Interest rate

Monthly Average Balance (THB)

Normal + Bonus Interest (p.a.)

The first 0 – 2,000,000


The amount more than 2,000,000*


*the effective rate is equivalent to 1.50% - 1.00% based on customer’s Monthly Average Balance.

Interest Rate Condition

Interest Rate Condition
  1. Interest Payment Frequency
    Interest is paid monthly;
    • Normal interest is paid on the last business day of each month.
    • Bonus interest is paid on the first business day of the following month.
      Remark: The Bank will apply effective bonus interest rate per the Bank’s announcement on the 1st business day to calculate bonus interest on monthly average balance of the previous month.

  2. Monthly Average Balance Calculation
    Monthly Average Balance (MAB) is the average of the daily deposit amount in a month.

    Monthly Average Balance (MAB)


    sum of daily ending balance

    number of days in the month*

    *In case of account opening during the month, MAB is calculated from the account opening date until the end of month.


    Customer opens an account on March 16 for 1,000 Baht, and deposits 2,000 Baht more on March 21, with the total of 3,000 Baht until month end.



    (THB 1,000 x 5 days ) + (THB 3,000 x 11 days)

    16 days


    2,375 Baht

  3. Interest Rate Calculation
    The number of days for calculation is 365 days.

    Normal interest


    daily ending balance x normal rate (p.a.) x actual deposit period

    100 x 365

    Bonus interest


    Monthly Average Balance x bonus rate (p.a.) x actual deposit period

    100 x 365


    A customer June’s MAB is 1,000,000 Baht and July’s MAB is 2,500,000 Baht. The customer gets bonus interest rate since MAB of the current month (July) is more than June’s.

    1) Normal interest


    2,500,000 x 1 x 31

    100 x 365


    2,123.28 Baht

    2) Bonus interest
    Monthly Average Balance (Baht) Bonus Interest Rate (p.a.) Bonus Interest (Baht)
    0 – 2,000,000 0.50%


    2,000,000 x 0.50 x 31

    100 x 365


    849.31 Baht

    The amount more than 2,000,000 -



    Total bonus interest   849.31 Baht

    Total interest   =  2,123.28 + 849.31 = 2,972.59 Baht

Account Opening Condition

Account Opening Condition
Details Account Opening at Branch
Customer type
  • Individual Thai nationality customer only and is 20 years old on the date of account opening for account opening via UOB TMRW.
  • Individual customer only and is 15 years old on the date of account opening for account opening at branch or via other channels.
Account number
  • Single account only
  • Limit 1 account per customer
Initial deposit amount (Baht)
  • 1,000 baht for account opening at branch
  • 0 baht initial deposit amount for account opening at non-branch or via UOB TMRW
Other product/ service required with UOB STASH
  • Customer shall apply for UOB TMRW or UOB Personal Internet Banking in order to view account movements as UOB STASH is a bookless account. 
Required Document
  • ID Card
Account closing for account open via UOB TMRW
  • For account opening via UOB TMRW, in case of opening a deposit account with 0 (zero) Baht and the account has no transaction movement (deposit - withdrawal) within 90 days from the date of the account opening, the Bank reserves the right to automatically close the account.
  1. In case of ‘Inactive Account’ more than 12 consecutive months, and the balance is lower than 5,000 Baht at month end, the Bank charges maintenance fee 100 Baht/ month per 1 account [Inactive Account is the account with no movement of deposit/ withdrawal/ transfer/ bill payment transaction, excluding system automatic transaction e.g. Auto Direct Debit, for 12 consecutive months] .When the account becomes dormant account, customer will not be able to perform any transactions on the account].
  2. To convert from “Inactive Account” status to “Normal” status, account owner shall be present at branch and perform withdrawal transaction from the account.
  3. Additional fees apply for cross-region or cross-bank transactions; please refer to the Bank’s announcement on the Bank’s website or at the Bank branches.
  4. Fund transfer in amount after 10.00 p.m. will be calculated for interest and monthly average balance in the next following day.
  5. A tax exemption shall be in accordance with the regulations of the Revenue Department.
  6. The deposits are under the protection of the laws regarding the Deposit Protection Agency as per the amount and conditions stipulated therein.
Question Answer

How to receive bonus interest?

Simply by maintaining the deposit or having Monthly Average Balance (MAB) of the current month more than MAB of the previous month to get the additional bonus rates.

If Monthly Average Balance of the current month is less than the previous month, what interest rate would I get?

Normal rate 1% p.a.

When there is no bank book, how can I check for account movement?

You can check for account transaction details, or previous MAB on UOB Personal Internet Banking (PIB) or UOB TMRW.

Moreover, you can view monthly e-Statement up to 5 years back on UOB PIB or UOB TMRW.

Do I need to apply for debit card?

It’s not a requirement but we advise you to apply for one for your own convenient to make a cash deposit or withdrawal from CDM or ATM.

  • You can close UOB STASH any branch. Please refer to each branch’s operation hour.

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