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Low daily interest

at THB 0.70 / day when withdrawing THB 1,000

Installment 0%

up to 36 months at participating stores

Available limit

Convert your cash limit into cash with installment repayment plan up to 48 months

Additional benefits

  • Apply once and get life-time amount limit
  • Withdraw cash using UOB Cash Plus without cash withdraw fee through any domestic and international ATM with PLUS and POOL logo
  • Collateral or Guarantor not required.
  • Maximum credit line up to THB 1,000,000.
  • Repayment with minimum 2.5% of your outstanding balance
  • Interest rate calculated based on actual use date only

Terms and conditions


Salaried employee

  • Thai Nationality Age of 20 - 60 years
  • Minimum income THB 15,000 above
  • Duration of employment at least 4 months (must pass probationary period)


  • Thai Nationality Age of 20 - 60 years
  • Minimum income THB 20,000 above
  • Duration in business at least 3 years in the same business

For employee :

  1. Copy of ID Card or government official card/state enterprise employee card 
  2. Latest payroll slip (original or copy) or salary confirmation letter (original)
  3. Copy of bank statements (salary account) for the past 6 months (in case of submitting salary confirmation letter)
  4. Copy of book bank for money transfer (in case you need to transfer money to another bank account)
  5. Copy of House registration (in case of submitting copy of government official card/state enterprise employee card)

For self-employed :

  1. Copy of ID Card
  2. Copy of business registration certificate/commercial certificate (not older than 3 months)
  3. Copy of bank statements for the past 6 months
  4. Copy of shareholder list (not older than 3 months)
  5. Copy of book bank for money transfer (in case you need to transfer money to another bank account)

Interest Rate

Interest Rate, Service Charges, Fees, and Actual Appropriate Expenses related



  1. Interest, Penalty Fee, Fees and Other Service Charges (Lowest rate to highest rate)

Maximum 25% per annum

           1.1 Normal Interest Rate*


           1.2 Ceiling Interest Rate

The maximum normal interest rate actually charged as in the contract and plus 3% per annum

     * lnterest Rate, credit limit and monthly installment loan will be informed in the Approval letter

 Actual Appropriate Expenses

  1. Stamp Duty

0.05% of credit limit

  1. Cash Advance Transaction Fee


  1. Payment Service Fee


Payment Channel

Service charges per Transaction

Bangkok and Greater Bangkok

Upcountry Province

     At Counter of United Overseas Bank (Thai)



     UOB Direct Debit



     Mailing Cheque



     UOB Personal Internet Banking (PIB)



     UOB TMRW Application



     At UOB ATM



     Pay at Post

THB 10 / every THB 50,000

     At Counter Service (Cash only and not more than THB 30,000/ time)

THB 15

THB 20

     Bank of Ayudhya



           - At Counter of Bank of Ayudhya

THB 15

THB 15**

           - Electronic Channels of Bank of Ayudhya

THB 10

THB 10**

     Electronic Channels of Siam Commercial Bank




THB 10

THB 10

     mPay STATION

THB 15

THB 15

     CenPay (CenPay Powered by Boonterm)



     Cross-Bank Bill Payment (Promptpay)***



     True Money

Maximum of THB 20

Maximum of THB 20

** When making payment of over THB 50,000 at Bank of Ayudhya in upcountry provinces, the additional fee of 0.10% of the payment amount or maximum of THB 1,000 shall be imposed.

      *** Customer can check a list of participating banks in Cross-Bank Bill Payment (PromptPay) from the Bank of Thailand website.

  1. Credit Information Checking Fee


  1. Debt Collection Expense
    (In case the debtor has overdue debts or accumulated debts due in excess of 1,000 THB)

50 THB per statement cycle for one overdue payment and 100 THB per statement cycle for more than one overdue payment (exclude VAT)

  1. Electronic Know Your Customer Fee (Do not exceed the actual expense)


  1. Cheque Return Fee (Not over THB 200 per times)


  1. Card Replacement Fee (In case of using a card for withdrawal)

THB 200 / card (exclude VAT)

  1. Statement Re-issuance Fee (The second issue onward)

THB 100 per statement cycle (exclude VAT)

  1. PIN Code Replacement Fee (In case of using a card for withdrawal)

THB 100 per transaction (exclude VAT)

  1. Transaction Inquiry Fee

THB 200 per transaction (exclude VAT)



  • The Bank will charge interest rate, service charges, penalty fee or any other fees in clause 1.1 – 1.2 in total not greater than 25% p.a. (Effective Rate)
  • The Bank may change interest rates in connection with the personal loan product from time to time by informing the borrower of the change not less than 30 days in advance, except the change on MLR, MRR, MOR, deposit interest rate or default interest rate. For the Personal Loan business under supervision, the Bank will be able to change such rate in accordance with the BOT’s regulation. However, the Bank will provide the written notice to borrowers, if that change affects benefits of the borrowers.
  • Payment service fees in clause 4 are payable to the service providers at the payment channel and may be changed, subject to each service provider.
  • In the event that there is an amendment to the terms and conditions of any product or service in relation to this terms and conditions that impacts on the customers' use of services such as fee adjustments for the use of financial products or services corresponding to the increased costs, changing service channels, changing conditions or benefits of a financial product or service, changing due date for debt settlement, the Bank shall communicate to or notify the Borrower of the material information of such amendment not less than 30 days prior to the effective date of such amendment, unless there may be significant damage to the Bank, such as the suspension or cancellation of credit card use in the event that the Bank detects fraud or where the customer defaults on the debt or fails to comply with the terms and conditions of using the financial services, the Bank shall be entitled to only notify such actions to the Borrower after such amendment within a reasonable period of time, except where the parties have agreed otherwise.

    In this regard, communicating or giving material information of the change under the preceding paragraph does not include cases where the Bank is required to take action under the law or order of the court or government agency.

    In the event that such amendment affects the service available to the Borrower, materially causing disadvantageous or increase burdens to the Borrower such as increasing credit card limit or cash card, changing method of notification, the delivery of information and documents from the original format to the electronic data format, the Borrower, has the right to give consent or deny such changes. In the event that Borrower wishes to change such conditions, the Borrower shall give consent for the change within the period and formats as specified by the bank.
Interest = Loan Size x number of days x Interest rate per year
365 days

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