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On-line Money Order

On-line Money Order

On-line money order is fast and convenient.
Receiver gets money instantly at post office or make on-line payment for your UOB's credit card at the post office.

Make On-line Payments for UOB 's Credit Card at Post Office

Bring the credit card statement to the post office.

Write on the statement the amount to pay and make cash payment.

The post office staff records the transaction and gives a receipt to the sender as proof of payment.

The account balance will be immediately adjusted.

United Overseas Bank (Thai) Public Company Limited (UOB) and Communications Authority of Thailand has joined together to provide you with this fast and convenient service.

You can send On-line Money Order to a UOB account from the post office and to a specific post office branch from UOB 's branch or via UOB Personal Internet Banking. In addition, starting today you can make payment for any of UOB's credit card.

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