UOB Merchant Acquiring

Merchant Acquiring

Merchant- a wide variety of products that provide cardholders with choice in the way they pay, EDC or Ecommerce which smarter and safer than cash under Compliance and PCI of Visa and Master Card

Benefits for merchants & Cardholders

The Merchants’ Benefits

  • Reduce cash management and human mistake from Cashier

  • Reduce risk from cash transportation

  • Provide the report to investigate each transactions

  • UOB transfer the payment to the merchant in the next day

The Cardholders’ Benefits

  • More conveniences to pay & reduce risk from carry cash
  • More convenience to use Installment Plan (install the transactions)

Card Acceptance Channel

How to apply merchant & IPP

Apply to be UOB Merchant 2 channels

Telephone (66) 2343 4808  Monday – Friday during 0900 – 1800hrs

Email: MerchantServices@uob.co.th
(please note your telephone, mobile phone, shop name, shop business and contact person name to call back)