Debt Capital Markets

Debt Capital Markets 

Debt Capital Markets provides an avenue for corporate clients to diversify their funding sources. Besides according speed and flexibility in meeting financing and refinancing requirements, tapping the bond market also allows issuers to conserve bank lines for other purposes. In this way, the bond market serves as a complementary and diversified funding source to the bank market. Besides our capability in THB bond market, our group as a regional bank can support our clients to tap other local currency bond markets including SGD, MYR, HKD and CNH.

Our services include:

  • Advising corporate clients and the public sector on the optimum capital structure to enhance their asset and liability management
  • Advising corporate clients for credit rating process with rating agencies
  • Advising for the proper fundraising structure for each issuance to meet clients’ funding requirements
  • Underwriting and placement of fundraising instruments including Bonds, Commercial Papers/ Medium Term Notes, etc.

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