Financial Supply Chain Management

With our expertise and in-depth local knowledge of Asia, we understand your supply chain requirements and can provide suitable financing solutions.

  • Pre-shipment Financing
    Provide financing to Seller for the sourcing, manufacturing  and delivery  expenses to ensure fulfillment of delivery to Buyer
  • Receivable Financing
    Sellers can obtain financing prior to invoice due date by selling/assigning their receivables to the Bank
  • Dealer Financing
    Provide financing to Buyer to cover holding of goods for sale and to bridge liquidity gap until they receive funds from sale of goods to end-customer


  • Convenient and fast to receive the proceeds within same day upon presentation  of completed document
  • Cover both goods and service and both domestic and international sale


  • Help business optimize working capital, maximize profitability and minimize costs
  • Enhancing the relationship you have with your suppliers and/or dealers

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