SMART Credit

Money transfer service to counterparty or beneficiary who has accounts with clearing member banks. The transfer value cannot exceed Baht 2,000,000 per transaction.

There are two types of SMART.

  1. SMART Credit Next Day - transfer order before the value date.
  2. SMART Credit Same Day - transfer order on value date

Key Feature

  • Transactions can be made easily via UOB Business Internet Banking
  • Transactions can be made to every bank in Thailand
  • Payment advice to beneficiary by invoice can be informed via email or fax


  • Effectively manage beneficiary to receive money definite on schedule
  • Easily save time and cost on operating and cheque issuing process
    Securely get report in PDF, Excel, txt format for validation
  • Conveniently get withholding tax certificate and transaction’s detail to beneficiary through various channels such as fax or email. This will help reduce the process of inquiries from beneficiary and create a good reputation for the company

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