UOB PromptPay for Juristic

UOB PromptPay for Juristic

Register PromptPay for Juristic

You can register PromptPay for Juristic by following these steps:

UOB PromptPay application conditions

  • One tax ID can be registered to only one bank account.
  • The bank account used should be savings or current account only.
  • The registered tax ID cannot be re-registered to other bank accounts until the previous registration has been cancelled.

Application supporting documents

  • Documents/evidences of a savings or current account used to register and owned by the registered juristic person.
  • Identification card/passport (or a copy) of the person authorized by the juristic person or the related persons in case of being authorized to make legal agreement, or assigned to make a business relationship.
  • Juristic person registration certification issued by a registrar three months before or less, or Juristic person establishment letter as required by a financial institution.
  • Tax ID card (if any).
  • Power of Attorney (if any).

For more information, contact the Customer Service Support at 0-2093-4848