Cheque Collection


Reduce float associated with the collection of cheques by leveraging UOB's comprehensive networks within Thailand. Cheques can be deposited through UOB's branch network nationwide, while UOB can guarantee value and automatically move funds into the account of your choice. Together with a centralized account structure at UOB, outsourcing your cheque collection will improve your ability to focus and manage your company’s working capital.


  • Optimize working capital and improve liquidity: With our guaranteed credit arrangement and reliable individual cheque status monitoring, you will be able to forecast and anticipate cash flow with greater accuracy.
  • Faster clearing process: Customer can deposit bill collection at home branch or at branch in same clearing zone as drawer branch which helps faster clearing process
  • Reduce risk: All post-dated cheques are securely held in our custody.
  • Simplify reconciliation: With a single credit entry for each cheque type,reconciling your bank statement each month is a snap.
  • Improve productivity: Various types of reports are electronically delivered to your head office through UOB’s electronic banking and/or website. Reports are also available for you at our offices outside Bangkok on the next business day. Messenger services are also available.


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